What is a Security Screen Door?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Security screen doors are enhanced screen doors that provide all the benefits of any door of this type while also offering the comfort of added security for the home. Constructed using a mixture of different materials, a screen door of this type is normally decorative as well as functional. When properly installed, a security screen door will enhance the security afforded by the presence of a solid front or back door and a functional security system.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

One of the features that sets the security screen door apart from other types of screen doors is the presence of a grille on the exterior of the door. The grille is usually constructed with steel, cast iron, or some other type of sturdy metal and makes it impossible for anything to break through the screen mesh or the glass panels protected by the device. Typically, the grille will be decorative and help to enhance the outward appearance of the home. However, there are security door grilles designed with an eye toward practicality rather than appearance; doors of this nature are likely to feature a grille composed of a series of bars set closely together.

Along with the sturdy grilles, a high quality security screen door is equipped with additional hinges. This makes it possible to ensure that the door is harder to disengage from the frame. As with the grille, the hinges are normally constructed of galvanized metals to ensure added strength and durability.

The mesh used in a security screen door is also likely to be different from products used in basic door designs. Security mesh is usually composed of thicker strands, making the mesh significantly harder to break through. This means that even if someone were able to circumvent the security afforded by the grille, it would still take a great deal of effort to cut through the mesh. Security door mesh is also usually riveted or clamped into place using strong hardware. This is in contrast to standard mesh that is often held in place with rubber or simple clasps.

The locking mechanism on a security screen door is composed of solid metal materials and offers a degree of protection that is similar to any type of high quality door locks. While some high security locks on these doors are operated with a simple slide lock, other designs call for pressing a button before the lock will release.

As can be expected, a security screen door is significantly heavier than standard screen doors. Before installing the door, it may be necessary to reinforce the framing around the entrance. Some modifications will be necessary to accommodate the additional hinges. However, the degree of security offered by the door makes the alterations well worth the time and effort.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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If you choose to purchase a security screen door are they more expensive to repair than normal screen doors?

I find I have to replace the screens on my doors at least every couple of years due to wear and tear, as well as an over anxious pet. The process is usually painless and fairly inexpensive.

Also, if the screen in security screen doors is made of a tougher material, do you think they would last longer overall and be a better investment?

I would love to upgrade to safer doors but don't want to take a huge financial hit to do this.


If you are installing a screen door into the front of your home, or any area not already protected by solid fences and locks, you should make sure to get the security version installed.

The steel grating on security screen doors can be really beautiful and they come in a huge variety of designs, anything from stark and modern to flowery and traditional.

I like the security screen doors have a solid lock. Unless you want to be constantly monitoring your front door, this is a great feature. Most screen doors have flimsy locks that can be easily opened.

If you want fresh air, but don't want to give up feeling safe, security screen doors are a good choice.

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