What is a Sea Salt Scrub?

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A sea salt scrub is a skin exfoliator that is made from sea salt. When a salt scrub is massaged onto the skin, its texture removes dead skin cells. The salt particles are small enough to efficiently clean skin pores, while also firming and strengthening skin tissue.

Usually, sea salt scrub contains only salt and some massage oil. Small salt grains are usually preferred to the large salt crystals; like small sugar scrub particles, smaller salt particles typically provide a more thorough cleaning.

Dry skin is typically the result of dead skin cells. Such cells are usually found in the uppermost layers of the skin. The layers underneath, however, are where skin cells that contain natural moisture are generally located. After several uses, sea salt scrub is normally meant to gradually scrub away the upper layers until only the healthy layers remain.

Salt glows, or salt scrubs, are spa body treatments that use sea salt scrub. In addition to the salt and the moisturizing oil, spa salt body scrub treatments often implement aromas, such as lavender, figs, or lemons. Although a person can get just a salt glow, this treatment is generally followed by a detoxifying mud wrap or seaweed wrap. This is because the exfoliation that sea salt scrub provides stimulates blood circulation, generally thought to be ideal preparation for skin detoxification.


Spa salt scrub treatments usually begin with the person laying face down on a massage table and covered with a towel or a sheet. The spa technician will then typically start massaging the sea salt body scrub into the skin. Once the back is done, the person is usually asked to turn over so that the scrub can be applied to the front. After the scrub as been completely applied, the spa technician will normally rinse off the scrub, and the skin usually feels smoother.

Those who want to use sea salt scrub at home can typically do so in conjunction with a shower. The scrub is generally massaged onto each selected area for at least a minute. Any longer than that, and skin irritation might occur, especially for people with sensitive skin. Once the scrub has been applied, it can be rinsed off in the shower. In order to preserve skin moisture, the lukewarm water is generally best.


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A sea salt face scrub is the best type of exfoliating solution to use on your face because it is natural and mild. I like to use it before I get into a hot shower or steamy bath, then rinse it off when I'm finished. The combination of the sea salt facial scrub and the steam of the hot water leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth as silk.

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