What is a Round Downspout?

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A round downspout is a piece of hardware typically used to drain water effectively from a gutter or similar water gathering system. Gutters on a building will usually serve to gather water that comes down from rain or melting snow and move that water away from the roof of the building. This helps prevent water damage to the roof and is typically assisted by designing the roof of a building to slant down and outward from the middle of the roof. A round downspout is a piece of pipe, usually metal, that runs down from the gutters to channel water away from the gutters and can potentially run to another location.

Much like the gutters on a building, a round downspout is typically made from a metal such as zinc, aluminum, or copper. This makes such downspouts more durable and allows them to withstand environmental conditions more effectively. Since these types of downspouts are often used in areas of heavy rainfall or snow cover, this durability is quite important. As the name might suggest, a round downspout is usually round in shape, though it can also be corrugated and may have fluted sides that better channel water down the pipe, even when at an angle.


A round downspout is typically installed onto a building as part of the gutter system, or in addition to a gutter system already in place. Gutters on a building typically run along the edges of the roof so water on the roof will drain down into the gutters. Once full of water, however, gutters will typically either overflow and the water drains down onto the ground below them or they will have an opening at the end to drain the water to a specific location. This drainage can be greatly enhanced and directed through the use of a round downspout.

Once installed, a round downspout will typically connect to the gutters on a building and allow water to drain out in a directed manner. This can allow water to be drained to a specific location or may be combined with further piping to carry water elsewhere. By using gutters with a round downspout, water can be drained away from the roof of a building and flow to a storage container for natural irrigation, fill a pond or natural reservoir, or simply flow to a drainage ditch. This type of water relocation can prevent property damage and eliminate puddles near entrances.


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