What is a Rice Protein Shake?

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A rice protein shake is made of brown rice that is processed to separate carbohydrates and protein. This provides a vegan alternative to other types of protein shakes, which are typically made of dairy-containing whey protein. Rice protein shakes are usually consumed by those looking to lose weight or improve strength or athletic performance.

Many individuals heavily involved in fitness drink protein shakes, which are usually considered a safe and healthy meal replacement or snack when nutrient-rich, low-calorie ingredients are used. Rice protein shares the same benefits that other protein supplements have: it is rich in amino acids and provides the building blocks the body needs to promote lean muscle growth. A rice protein shake can be a healthy way to lose weight and increase energy and lean muscle mass without the use of animal products.

Rice protein is made from a process in which vegan enzymes separate carbohydrates from proteins. It comes in a powder form that can be mixed with other healthy foods in a smoothie or shake. A wet component is needed to make the shake; soy, rice or almond milk can add even more protein without adding dairy. Ice can be used, too, for those who prefer the consistency it gives the shake. Various combinations of vegetables, fruits and nuts can be added for healthy calories that include vitamins and minerals to provide energy.


Though the amount of rice protein shake one needs for a meal will vary from person to person, the calorie and protein levels are generally more important than the number of ounces or grams consumed. The number of calories, however, will also depend on each person’s daily caloric intake. Protein is necessary for normal body function to restore glycogen in the muscles after an intense workout, and it helps one feel fuller for longer periods of time. Many nutritionists believe a person needs .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight, or an average of 45 to 60 grams per day. Lean meats, soy products and beans are other good sources of protein, but consuming enough of these foods can prove difficult, especially for vegans.

Rice protein shakes, when consumed as part of a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and in conjunction with moderate levels of exercise, can be a safe way to ensure protein needs are met for vegans. Individuals may want to ask a doctor or nutritionist if a rice protein shake is their best option for meal replacements and muscle growth.


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Post 4

I started drinking protein shakes in the evening for my meal. I always eat breakfast, and usually have a big lunch, so needed to do something so I wasn't consuming so many calories before bed. Some days I don't get home until around 8:00 at night, and didn't want to eat a big meal and then go to sleep. Drinking a rice protein shake is a great way to have a little something in my stomach without overdoing it.

Post 3

I was a vegetarian for a few years before I decided to become a vegan. Many of my family members wondered what I would eat, and if I would get enough protein.

There are several choices of protein shakes that are great for vegans, but rice protein happens to be my favorite. Some people don't think there is much difference in the taste of the protein powders, but I think there is. To me the rice protein has a light taste that is not too overpowering and is easy to drink and digest.

Post 2

I know many people drink protein shakes for weight loss, but I like to use them for a meal replacement in the morning. I will mix up a rice protein shake and drink this on my way to work in the morning.

This gets me out of the door on time without sacrificing nutrition. It will also keep me full and give me the energy I need until lunchtime. My favorite way to drink this is with almond or coconut milk. Both of these add a creaminess and richness that is really good.

Many times I will also eat a breakfast bar along with the shake for even more protein. Even though I am not trying to lose weight, drinking protein shakes help me maintain my weight because I don't fill up on junk food that is bad for me.

Post 1

Many times I don't have a chance to stop and eat lunch, so I often rely on a protein shake. They are quick and nutritious and help me stay away from the vending machines.

I like to try different kinds of protein shakes since I get tired of the same ones if I drink them a lot. I was surprised that I liked the taste of the rice protein as much as I did. It didn't sound all that appealing to me at first, but has a pleasant taste that I have come to really enjoy.

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