What is a Rice Chip?

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A rice chip is a snack food that is created with the use of either white rice or brown rice. Unlike many other snack options, rice chips normally contains little or no artificial ingredients. As a bonus, rice chips are naturally wheat and gluten free, making them an ideal snack alternative for people who need to remove wheat or gluten from their diets.

The basic recipe for a rice chip includes two simple ingredients: white or brown rice and rice bran oil. This combination is used to create a pressed mixture that can easily be formed and baked into chips. In order to enhance the taste of the rice chip, manufacturers will also add in a number of other ingredients, such as sea salt or seaweed to achieve a desired flavor.

In appearance, a rice chip will bear a striking resemblance to a baked potato chip. The amount of fat contained in the chips is relatively low when compared to several other snack foods on the market today. The carbohydrate content is similar to that of many other snack foods, although the total amount of carbohydrates may come from a higher percentage of fiber and natural sugar. This is in contrast to snack foods that derive carbohydrates from the inclusion of ingredients with little to no nutritional value.


The texture of a rice chip is strong enough to allow it to be served with many types of light dips, such as avocado or onion dip. Some manufacturers of the rice chip follow a recipe that produces a hardier chip that can be used to dip into heavier dips, such as salsa or a bean dip. Depending on the spices used to flavor the rice chip, this snack may be a pleasing alternative to tortilla chips as well as potato chips.

Purchasing rice products in general is easier than ever before. In the case of the rice chip, the snack used to appear only in health food stores. In recent years, the rice chip has become widely available in major supermarket chains along with rice cakes and other types of rice products. While the rice chip products tend to cost a little more than other chips on the market today, the wheat and gluten free nature of the chip allows persons with food allergies or health conditions that are aggravated by gluten or wheat to still enjoy a snack from time to time.


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Post 4

@tanner182- I am impressed you make your own rice crackers. I really like rice crackers, and I have digestive problems so rice is generally better for me than things like bread or pasta or other types of more glutenous grains. I think I will have to try that recipe, or find another, to make some.

Post 3

@zeak4hands - I use a recipe that I found online awhile ago. You make 1 cup of soft brown rice and blend it together with a large potato. Spoon it out onto a cookie sheet with wax paper and flatten it. Put a piece of wax paper over it and bake it at 300 for half an hour. Let them cool before you take them off the sheet or they'll fall apart.

You said that you like the garlic rice crackers? When you're mixing the potato with the rice, just add minced garlic in there and a little salt. I do the same with green onions all the time. It comes out great. If you don't like garlic pieces, use garlic salt.

Post 2

@tanner182 - I would avoid white rice too, but I love the white rice crackers that have garlic on them. They're so good. I can still eat regular food, but I have a slight allergy to wheat. I usually get sleepy after eating it, so it just makes sense to eat rice crackers instead.

Do you make your own rice crackers or buy them from the store? I've been looking for a good rice cracker recipe online, but everyone has a different idea of how to make them. Any suggestions?

Post 1

I eat rice crackers just because I'm allergic to wheat. Rice crackers are just like regular crackers, but they are a little tougher to chew. I like mine with asparagus dip -- the favors blend nicely. They go great with pretty much any kind of creamy dip – delicious! Homemade onion dip is the best, of course.

Brown rice chips are my favorite type of rice cracker since they aren't as refined. I like to avoid white rice where I can.

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