What is a Resin Above Ground Pool?

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A resin above ground pool is a type of swimming pool that has a frame constructed of resin, which is a hard yet flexible compound naturally produced by plants. These pools normally have a ledge to which a vinyl liner is attached. They are usually round or oval-shaped, and come in a variety of depths and sizes.

The outer walls of this swimming pool may have vertical support columns placed every three to four feet (.92 to 1.22 m). There is usually a ledge approximately eight inches wide (20.32 cm) extending from the top of this frame. A resin above ground pool is typically anywhere from 48 to 52 inches (1.22 to 1.32 m) tall.

Although this type of swimming pool is usually round or oval-shaped, it may occasionally be square or rectangular as well. Sizes range from 12 to 33 feet (3.66 to 10.07 m) in diameter for round pools. Oval swimming pools can be anywhere from 12 by 18 feet (3.66 to 5.49 m) to 18 by 44 feet (5.49 m to 13.42 m). A small square pool might be 10 feet (3.05 m) on all sides, while a rectangular pool could be 16 x 24 feet (4.88 to 7.32 m).


A resin above ground pool, like other types of swimming pools, normally has an electronic pump. This equipment should be installed by a licensed electrician in order to ensure it is connected safely. The pool and liner can normally be installed by a swimming pool technician and usually only takes a couple of hours to set up completely.

Like other types of swimming pools, a resin above ground pool needs regular maintenance. This can include scooping out leaves and other debris with a net or removing them with a pool vacuum. It might also involve testing the water for proper chlorine and pH levels, and adding a variety of chemicals as needed.

Unlike above ground pools manufactured of metal, a resin above ground pool does not normally become hot to the touch. This means that swimmers do not usually need to be worried about burning themselves if they come in contact with the ledge of this pool. This can make it safer for children and adults to bathe in, even during the hottest summer months.

This type of swimming pool is usually less expensive than an in-ground model. It is generally a sturdy piece of equipment that can last for several years without needing expensive repairs. For these reasons, purchasing a resin above ground pool can be a wise investment for many homeowners.


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