What is a Refrigerator Thermometer?

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Refrigerator thermometers are monitoring devices that provide real time information about the current temperature in the main compartment of a refrigerator or the freezing section. While modern refrigerators are equipped with a thermostat, most do not provide the ability to read the exact temperature. By purchasing a refrigerator thermometer, it is possible to spot check the temperature of a refrigerator in the crisper drawers, the main compartment, or the freezer with ease.

Early models of the refrigerator thermometer were simple designs that resembled a standard wall thermometer mounted onto a base. The devise was placed on a shelf in the rear of the main compartment. By opening the door, it was possible to determine if the current temperature was cold enough to preserve food properly.

While there are still models of the refrigerator thermometer that are ideal for placement on a shelf, the design has been streamlined a great deal. Many models now feature a digital readout that provides information about the current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. These digital versions are powered with a simple lithium battery similar to models used to power remote controls and similar small appliances.


Some modern versions of the refrigerator thermometer do more than provide a real time temperature reading. With the capacity to store readings over time, it is possible to review the range of temperatures present in the refrigerator over a period of time. This function is especially helpful if there is some suspicion that the appliance is malfunctioning.

Along with refrigerator thermometer designs for placement on a shelf, there are also models that may be secured to an interior wall. Often, these types are equipped with a simple suction cup that allows the thermometer to adhere to the wall or even the door of the refrigerator. Other designs make use of a simple Velcro construction that holds the thermometer firmly in place.

Depending on the range of functions associated with the refrigerator thermometer, the device may be relatively inexpensive. Simpler models are found in the kitchen section of many discount retail stores. Designs that include memory storage are somewhat more expensive and may be purchased at home stores and restaurant supply outlets. All versions of the refrigerator thermometer are resistant to cold and moisture, making them ideal for use in any compartment of the refrigerator.


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