What is a Refrigerator Purifier?

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A refrigerator purifier can be one of two types of purifiers designed for use in the refrigerator. A refrigerator purifier, depending on the type, is either installed directly into the refrigerator or simply set inside it. One type of refrigerator purifier is for the air inside the refrigerator, while the other is for water than runs through it, either for an automatic icemaker or an in-the-door ice and water dispenser.

A refrigerator purifier designed for water is similar to the water purifiers installed on faucets. The water that passes through the waterline to supply either the icemaker or water dispenser, or both, passes through a filter installed directly in the dispensing unit. A refrigerator water purifier is designed to filter out chemicals and metals that may be present in your water source, be it county, city, or well water. Many newer model refrigerators come with a water purifier built in, but a refrigerator purifier can also be purchased and installed into most existing dispensers. Many people claim they notice a difference and improved taste in their chilled beverages when using purified water in their ice.


Similarly, a refrigerator purifier designed to purify the air inside a refrigerator is also said to improve the taste and freshness of refrigerated foods. An air purifier for the refrigerator is compact and designed to stand alone, operating off of battery power and set directly inside the refrigerator. A refrigerator air purifier periodically runs and filters odor and bacteria out of the air inside the refrigerator. The purpose of an air purifier for the refrigerator is not only to remove odors and bacteria, but also to help remove some of the chemicals in pesticides used on produce.

Whichever type of refrigerator purifier you might be in the market for, you should first check the performance claims the manufacturer offers. Certain water purifiers may not filter a specific chemical, metal or sediment you are specifically concerned about, and an air purifier is not designed to cause foods to extend beyond their expiration dates. Costs for either type of refrigerator purifier vary, with water purifiers being more expensive. An appliance retailer or home improvement store will have more information about pricing and specific products.


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