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Reconnective Healing® was developed by Eric Pearl, a former chiropractor and is similar to other types of faith healing. The practice utilizes frequencies and light as healing energies that enter the patient through the hands of the practitioner. Some people report that they are cured suddenly and miraculously when treated by Pearl or one of the practitioners he has trained. There is no scientific evidence that supports the validity of Reconnective Healing®.

According to Pearl, he discovered Reconnective Healing® while he was still engaged in chiropractic practice. Some of his patients reported that they had been cured of serious diseases while in chiropractic sessions with Pearl. Pearl reports that these patients claimed that the healing came from light and energy rather than from the manipulation of the spine that Pearl was performing. Though Pearl reports that he was at first reluctant to move into the practice of Reconnective Healing®, he decided to devote himself to practicing and teaching this type of healing once he felt that there was evidence that it worked.


The principle of Reconnective Healing® is that certain vibrations, or frequencies, help the body return to its normal state of being. This light or vibration cannot be sensed directly, though it can be accessed by those who are trained to be receptive to it. The healer and the person receiving the healing work together and are both healed of their misaligned energies at the same time. The healer is thought of as a facilitator rather than as a person with a gift of healing. Reconnective Healing® does not require that any particular rituals be followed in order for a person to receive healing.

Anyone can receive training in Reconnective Healing®. The program consists of a number of seminars that people pay to attend. At the seminars, the concepts of the practice are explained to the attendees, who are encouraged to use their new knowledge to help others.

There is no harm in receiving Reconnective Healing®. Like many faith healing practices, it can benefit a patient to receive spiritual healing for a number of disorders. Reconnective Healing® should not, however, be used instead of seeking out modern medical care. The principles of this type of healing are not at odds with medical treatment, and the use of both types of healing can be beneficial to a patient’s overall health. Patients who are not open to the experience that this type of healing provides are less likely to feel the benefits of it.


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