What is a Raspy Cough?

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A raspy cough, also known as a dry cough, does not include any amount of phlegm or other liquid. Instead, this type of cough sounds, and is, dry instead of wet. There are numerous causes of a rasping cough, though the best way to determine the precise cause of a persistent cough is to speak with a medical doctor.

In some instances, a dry cough is the result of a cold or flu. Following a cold or flu, a person may experience a raspy cough, which usually dissipates after a couple of days. If a person has not been suffering from cold or flu symptoms, a dry cough could be the result of many different factors.

One's environment can cause a raspy sounding cough to form. Smoke, allergies, dust, and temperature-controlled air can all result in a dry cough. The best way to combat this type of cough is to remove irritants from the air. If this is not possible, wrapping a piece of cloth around one's mouth and nose or purchasing a face mask will help to ease environmental factors.


Generally, a raspy cough can be eliminated by drinking a large amount of water or other liquid. By staying hydrated, a dry cough will quickly go away. Another way to get rid of this type of cough is to use natural healing agents. Honey and herbal teas tend to soothe dry coughs. Some people also find that placing one's face over a bowl of steaming water, and then covering the back of the head with a towel, is a good way to eliminate dryness.

Various over-the-counter medications that have been formulated to relieve raspy coughs can also be purchased. These medications often contain honey and other soothing ingredients. If a dry cough is accompanied by fever, throat ache, or any other symptoms, it may be best to make an appointment with a medical doctor.

Keep in mind that a raspy cough should not be accompanied by any kind of bodily liquid. In the eventuality that a person cannot breathe due to symptoms associated with a raspy cough, medical attention should be sought right away. In most instances, a cough of this sort is not serious, though it's a good idea to monitor coughs of this sort carefully. Children who have intense coughs should not wait to see a medical doctor, since this kind of ailment could be serious.


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