What is a Rabbit Fence?

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A rabbit fence is a fence designed to keep rabbits out of an area like a garden. Creating barriers for rabbits requires sinking a fence partially below ground, as rabbits will dig to get under a fence if they are motivated enough. Any fencing with a fine mesh can work for managing rabbits, although there are also special fencing products designed just for rabbits.

Usually, a fence of around 2 feet (60 centimeters) above ground, buried about a hand's length below ground, is enough to keep rabbits out. The fence is just high enough to make it difficult to jump over, and the buried part of the fence will discourage rabbits from digging to get inside. Other pests can step over the fence, however, and for this reason, people usually make it higher to address concerns about deer and other unwanted animal visitors.

Truly rabbit-proofing a garden is usually impossible, but fencing can create a deterrent for all but the most determined rabbits. A rabbit fence needs to have fine mesh to keep young rabbits out, and it should be made from a material like metal, as rabbits may chew through plastic and wood if they are tempted by the offerings on the other side of the fence. People can attach the fencing to the bottom of a fence for larger animals, using existing fence posts and the bottom of the fence to stabilize the rabbit fence and keep it anchored firmly in place.


Placing a rabbit fence requires trenching to place the buried portion underground. Mechanical trenchers are available to make short work of this process, and people can also dig by hand if the garden is relatively small. People who do not have the skills to set up their own fences can contact a landscaper or contractor to get quotes on installing a fence to keep out rabbits and other pests. When getting estimates, people should make sure to ask about what kinds of materials are being used, and they can request a guarantee on the workmanship so the fence can be replaced if it is obviously defective.

Deterring rabbits can also involve the use of traps to catch rabbits that do manage to dig under a rabbit fence. Like other social animals, rabbits generally learn quickly and they will start avoiding a garden if heavy fencing and traps are regularly encountered. It can also be advisable to limit shelter for rabbits around the garden. If hedges, trees, and shrubs are kept trimmed with minimal vegetation near the ground, rabbits have nowhere to hide. Keeping grass short will also limit hiding places and make a location hostile to rabbits.


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