What is a Quillow?

Malcolm Tatum

As a specially designed quilt that is popular with children and campers of all ages, the quillow is an ideal device when you want to wrap up or need something soft to lay down your head for a few moments. Here are some of the characteristics of the quillow, as well as some recommendations on how to obtain your very own quillow.

Quillows are a combination of a quilt and a sleeping bag.
Quillows are a combination of a quilt and a sleeping bag.

Quillows are a rather unique combination of the concepts of a quilt and a sleeping bag. Just as quilts are designed to offer warmth and protection from the cold, the quillow is also lined and filled to keep out the cooler weather. What makes the quillow a little different is that it can also be used as a pillow. By folding up the quillow and placing it into the handy carrying bag that comes with the pocket quilt, the unit becomes a perfectly comfortable pillow that is ideal for camping trips or even as a head rest while watching television.

A quillow can be taken to preschool or daycare for use at naptime.
A quillow can be taken to preschool or daycare for use at naptime.

Because the quillow is made of materials that can be easily washed at home, pocket quilts of this type are ideal for young children. Preschoolers can take them along to daycare, where the quillow can make a wonderful cover pallet for naps or for use as a blanket or as part of the pillows for nap time.

There are several ways to obtain your very own quillow. The easiest approach is to purchase one at a local retail store. Most retail outlets that carry bedding and other textiles will also have a selection of quillow sets, generally some for adults as well as children. The sizes and patterns will be very similar to what is found with most blankets and quilts. That is, the quillow will come in standard bedding sizes and is available in a range of colors, solids, and patterns. From the conservative to the esoteric, there are all sorts of patterns to choose from when you want a quillow that matches your d├ęcor or your personality.

Another option is to make your own quillow. There are a number of sewing patterns for quillows on the market today. The patterns are inexpensive and easy to follow. One advantage of choosing to create your own quillow is that you control the fillers for the unit, as well as have the option of choosing any type of material you want for the shell of the quillow and the carrying bag. For persons who love to sew and have the time, making your own quillow would not only be cost effective, but also a lot of fun.

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