What Is a Quick Weave?

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A quick weave is a hair extension technique used to quickly cover the entire head with a full set of hair. The finished product is a full wig customized to the unique contours of the wearer's head. These wigs are popular because they are easy to make and simple to remove. The tracks themselves can be cut, styled, and colored to create the desired finished look. There's no damage to the natural hair because it's completely protected from the process by blocking the bonding glue from coming into contact with it.

The quick weave remains a popular way of wearing hair extensions due to its fast processing time and its easy removal. It also works well with any type of hair and can be made to suit any style. Another benefit is that it doesn't require special trips to the beauty salon to apply or remove. An individual can do her own quick weave at home in a matter of minutes. Different colors and textures of hair tracks can be blended for a more creative look or style.


To begin the process of making a quick weave, the hair must be washed, dried, and then styled so it sits flat against the head. Tight braids and cornrows work well for this purpose. Two wave caps are then placed on the head with a sheet of paper towel in between them, or as an alternative, stocking caps can be used with a shower cap in between. The purpose of using a piece of paper towel or a shower cap is to protect the natural hair from damage by excess glue that may seep through the cap. Glue is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove once it's adhered to the hair.

Weave tracks are then cut and secured to the wave cap with bonding glue. Depending on the type of glue used, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour for the glue to dry and fully set the tracks in place. The hair tracks are placed in sections all around the cap. They are generally placed in a manner that will achieve the desired cut and style. After the tracks are secure and the glue is dry, the quick weave can be removed and stored until it's needed for wear.


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