What is a Puree Diet?

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A puree diet usually consists of common foods, prepared for meals, which are blended until smooth and drinkable. Medical conditions, such as difficulty swallowing, may require this type of diet in order to lessen the pain associated with swallowing foods that have not been broken down. Weight loss and body detoxification experts also promote a puree diet as a healthy alternative.

When used medically, food pureed in blender may be substituted for meal items that are typically harder to swallow. Health issues, including aging, gastrointestinal reflux disease, and neurological disorders, can require a person to consume only liquids. A pureed diet is used, in such cases as well as others, to limit the pain or difficulty associated with getting food down the esophagus and into the stomach. In some cases, health problems associated with difficulty swallowing may be severe enough to require a feeding tube.

Medical pureed diets most often follow the same food guidelines as typical menus. Protein, fruits, and vegetables are all required for good health. Whole grains can also be added to pureed meals. In some cases, obtaining proper nutrition goals can be difficult, so tips can be found online regarding the best mix of foods to include in such a diet plan.


These diets can be prepared in either a blender or food processor. A food processor typically produces a smoother consistency than a blender. Meats, vegetables, and starches can be pureed at the same time or individually. Adding water to food is not necessary in all cases, as softer foods like fruits and canned vegetables usually contain enough water to soften easily.

For patients with neurological conditions or cancer, eating a mostly liquid diet may require supervision. Some doctors suggest a teaspoon be used to eat smooth foods, to reduce choking hazards. If foods are pureed to the point of appearing liquid, additional whole food may need to be added to firm the food to a mashed potato-like consistency.

Smoothies are another option as part of a puree diet. Green, fruit, and protein smoothies are three popular choices. Green smoothies have a leafy vegetable base, to which fruits can be added. Fruit smoothies are often combined with milk to create a milkshake-like consistency. Protein smoothies may use a powder or liquid base, with ice cubes added to create a smoothie effect.

Infants and toddlers also commonly consume puree diet foods before they have teeth. These foods can be prepared at home or purchased in small containers. Infant foods are typically bland, as no spices or flavorings are added to whole foods. As infants age and grow, more complex foods that require a stronger digestive system are commonly added to ensure adequate nutrition.


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Post 5

A friend of mine told me when she got braces she could only eat pureed foods and she actually lost a lot of weight. I guess the reason how or why is because 1. She ate healthy pureed foods and 2. I reckon pureed foods digest better than eating solid foods, but I don't know.

Post 4

When I was in college, I got into a fight (brilliant, I know), and broke my jaw. I had to have my jaw wired shut for almost three months, during which time I had to go on a puree diet.

It was...interesting, to say the least. Of course, being in college, I pretty much tried to puree whatever I could get my hands on just to see if I could, but I quickly found out what worked, and what things ended up clogging my second-hand blender.

And although following a diet for a wired jaw is pretty cool in that you can "eat" really fast by just sucking your meal down through a straw, it does get kind

of annoying when you want to have some of your favorite foods.

And of course there are other intestinal issues caused by an all liquid diet that I won't go into here...

So all in all, if you ever do end up going on a puree diet, hope that its voluntary.

Post 3

I think that a lot of people kind of glamorize the whole puree diet idea, but if you actually have to do it, it gets old fast.

My sister in law had to go on a dysphagia diet for a while after she suffered a stroke, and I can tell you, making food for a diet for dysphagia is time consuming, messy, and frankly, a little gross.

It's all well and good to make a smoothie every now and again, but its really different when you have to make sure you get in all the right ingredients for nutrition, puree things you'd rather not think about (protein blocks, etc), and of course, clean out your blender at least three times a day, it gets old.

And that's just for the person making the food -- having to drink everything gets old fast too. You just start to miss chewing, at least according to Sadie.

Just some food for thought...

Post 2

This sounds like a great idea, but I do wonder if you can really get all the nutrition that you need on some of those pure liquid diets.

I think that a lot of people tend to overdo it with the pureed diet guidelines, and end up undernourishing themselves. Sure, you lose weight, but it's not because you're necessarily flushing toxins -- it's more likely caused by the lack of nutrition you're getting.

Although a lot of those pureed diet ideas are good, and can be very healthy, just remember that you can get good effects from a normal diet that is low in fat, high in fiber, and composed of a great variety of food.

So the next time you get all excited about the new acai puree diet (or whatever the next craze is), just remember not to overdo it.

Post 1

I can remember when I first got braces and couldn't eat for a couple of days because my whole mouth was sore. My mom, being the wonderful woman she is, would try to puree my food for me.

I insisted that she stop doing that when she tried to puree my barbecued pork chop!

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