What is a Pull-Out Pantry?

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A pull-out pantry is a kind of deep, often narrow shelf that slides in and out of a kitchen wall. The purpose of a pull-out pantry is to offer extra storage for food that does not need to be refrigerated. This kind of pantry is often used in homes that do not have normal full-sized pantries where innovative storage units are required. In most cases, the front of a pull-out pantry is solid wood or metal. The items that are stored within the pantry can be accessed from either side of the unit when it has been pulled out from the wall.

Another pull-out pantry model involves shelves that slide in and out of a cabinet independently. Instead of having the entire pantry slide in and out of a pocket in the kitchen wall, or a space between other storage units or appliances, this kind of pull-out pantry allows the user to access just one section of the pantry at a time. This kind of pantry is usually much wider than the aforementioned unit. It can even be used to store plates, platters, and other kinds of tableware instead of being used to store canned goods and items purchased in bulk. Sometimes this kind of pantry is installed in lower cabinets and each mobile platform is used to store different sizes of pots, pans, and casserole dishes.


In many cases, a pull-out pantry is a storage unit that is built into a kitchen along with an entire kitchen storage system that includes cabinets and shelves. There are, however, pull-out pantry units that can be installed without remodeling a kitchen in its entirety. There are units that are sold separately and there are also kits that allow people to turn cabinets into the second kind of pull-out pantry described above. People who decide to have pull-out pantries installed as part of a kitchen remodel sometimes choose to have two pull-out pantries installed in their kitchens. These pantries may be identical and may be placed right next to one another or they may bookend the refrigerator.

There are two basic heights for a pull-out pantry. One is a height that extends from the floor of the kitchen to the countertop level. The other basic height is one that extends from the kitchen floor to about the top of the refrigerator. There are some variations, but these are the most common heights.


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