What Is a Potting Bench?

Christina Edwards

A potting bench is sometimes referred to as a gardening table. This type of bench is simply constructed, usually made up of a work surface as well as some type of storage area. It can be constructed from various materials, but wood is typically the most common. Gardeners use a potting bench for various gardening tasks.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The main part of a potting bench is typically the work surface. This surface is generally around 3 feet (roughly 1 meter) high. At this height, most adults are comfortable using a potting bench while standing.

Some potting benches may even have sinks on the work surface. These require a water source. A sink on a potting bench makes it much easier to water plants and wash gardening tools.

Besides the work surface, a potting bench also has storage. Shelves are typically the most common type of storage. These are often located underneath the work surface, but they can also be above it. Some of these benches may also have drawers, cupboards, or bins on the side.

Some potting benches are quite light. These can be moved around easily. On the other hand, some of these benches may be built right onto an interior wall of a greenhouse or gardening shed.

Wood is the most common and traditional material for a this type of bench. Since it will usually be outdoors, a weather- and insect-resistant wood, like cedar, is preferred, but this it usually more expensive. Other types of wood can also be used, but these are usually treated. Do-it-yourselfers can also easily construct a bench of this sort from simple plans.

This type of bench can also be made from metal or plastic. These are often more economical options when choosing a potting bench. Materials such as these are also weather resistant and easy to clean.

A potting bench can be used for a number of different gardening tasks. Many individuals use this type of bench to plant seeds or transplant seedlings, for example. It can also be used to sort seeds. Tools and other gardening equipment, like trowels and baskets, can be stored on the bench shelves.

Some gardeners also choose to use their benches as a place to display potted plants. These can be displayed on upper shelves or work surfaces. Potted plants can be brought indoors and placed on a potting bench. This allows the plants to be displayed and protected from the cold weather at the same time.

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