What is a Postpartum Band?

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A postpartum band is a wearable device that resembles a girdle. Its purpose is to provide a woman with abdominal region support after the delivery of a baby. A postpartum band is often used to make a new mother's abdomen appear flatter underneath her clothing. This type of band is even said to make a woman’s abdomen feel tighter after childbirth. Additionally, some women report that postpartum bands help them return to their normal activities and fit into their pre-pregnancy clothing sooner; some women even claim that it helps the abdomen to shrink back to a normal size faster.

After a woman has a baby, she may be disappointed to find that her belly does not return to its pre-pregnancy shape and size right away. Instead, it may take weeks or even months for a woman’s belly to appear flat as well as for her pre-pregnancy clothing to fit. A postpartum band may help a woman’s abdomen to look more flattering during this time and may also provide desirable support as she goes about her daily activities.

There are various types of postpartum bands a woman may purchase. Generally, however, they are made of spandex and have Velcro or hook-like closing mechanisms. They are usually stretchy in order to accommodate various postpartum belly sizes. Likewise, they typically feature a smooth design so it is not obvious that a woman is wearing one when she is fully clothed.


It is important to note that a postpartum band is not a weight-loss aid. Post-pregnancy weight loss typically happens gradually, and it is completely normal for a woman to be heavier than she was before pregnancy for months after she has given birth. Unfortunately, the use of a postpartum pregnancy band does not cause or contribute to weight loss, and a woman may instead encourage weight loss by consuming a healthy diet and exercising. New mothers may do well to seek a doctor's approval for beginning an exercise routine or diet following pregnancy, however. A woman may have to be particularly careful with dieting if she is breastfeeding.

Instead of wearing a postpartum band, some women opt to wear girdles after childbirth. Girdles can provide a similar level of control and support. They typically include a panty section, however, which differs from the makeup of a postpartum band. In most cases, postpartum bands can be worn with a woman’s regular underwear.


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