What is a Portable Massager?

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A portable massager is a device that that allows its users to experience a massage anywhere they travel. They are usually small and handheld and can be powered either by electricity or batteries. They can include extra functions such as vibration or heating. Investing in a portable massager can have the benefit of saving its owner lots of money that would have been spent on sessions with massage therapists who specialize in manual massages.

A portable massager usually can be used anywhere on the body, but many are made to accommodate specific areas of the body. For example, portable massagers are likely to be marketed to those who suffer from aching necks, shoulder blades, hands and feet. Sufferers from these types of aches will be able to use a portable massager to help alleviate a specific ache quickly and efficiently using the device, especially if it is specially contoured for those areas.

The features included on a portable massager vary by model and manufacturer. Certain models of portable massagers can include vibrating functions. It's not uncommon for portable massagers to come equipped with multiple vibrational intensities. In addition, some massagers are created so that the vibrations are concentrated on the head of the massager instead of the body of the device, where the owner has to hold it in place.


Some portable massagers might also include a heating feature. In these types of portable massagers, heat therapy can become part of the massage therapy. The use of heat during massage therapy can be beneficial to an aching body.

Portable massagers are meant to be used in places other than the home, so many of them are manufactured to make as little noise as possible. Those that are cordless can be built to remain charged for a long period of time. Some portable massagers can be used for as long as one hour without requiring a recharge.

The locations in which a portable massager can be employed can be limitless. Many owners of portable massagers choose to use them at home, at their places of employment and even in their cars. Some individuals might also elect to use them while they are on vacation. Athletes might be able to appreciate the portability of these massagers, as they can be carried to practices and workouts. Professionals who specialize in certain types of massage therapy can even include them as part of their professional services, such as when they make house calls.


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