What is a Portable Dishwasher?

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No one likes to do the dishes. However, the advent of the automatic dishwasher has freed millions of people from that chore. As common as dishwashers are, though, there are still many homes that don't have one. This is usually because of a lack of space. For this reason, the portable dishwasher has been a boon to smaller families.

A portable dishwasher is a self-contained unit, rather than the built-in model seen in many homes. As the name suggests, it can be transported from one place to another, which is helpful in small kitchens. A portable dishwasher may either be full sized or a countertop model.

A full-sized portable dishwasher can handle even a larger family's dishwashing needs. It is on rollers and usually connected to the water source via the kitchen faucet. A set of hoses is connected, and voila! The dishwasher is ready to go. Many full-sized portable dishwashers have tops that can double as extra counter space or even a butcher's block, which makes them more versatile. The full-sized portable dishwasher also comes in a narrow version that will fit even very small kitchens.

For a single person, a couple, or those with "galley" kitchens, a countertop portable dishwasher may be a good purchase. These dishwashers are exactly what they sound like -— small appliances that sit on a countertop and use the kitchen faucet's water supply. These dishwashers may even have features similar to those of their full-sized brothers.


Portable dishwashers are usually available at most home appliance stores. A homeowner is well-advised to measure all spaces where the dishwasher will go before purchasing one, since he may not be able to roll it through a narrow kitchen door! As with any other appliance purchase, the buyer needs to think about what he needs the appliance to do, and whether he needs any extra features. A portable dishwasher will usually cost between US$200-$500, depending on features and manufacturer. The buyer should also make sure his water supply and pressure will handle the demands of a portable dishwasher, and make sure his faucets are compatible with the hoses.


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I haven't actually purchased one, but your lens title caught my eye and I am now wondering if I have room in my RV for one. The idea is very appealing!

Post 2

Anon: I've never used one, but I think they work similarly to laundry washing machines. When you always leave the faucet on and the machine takes whatever it needs, and cuts the water flow till the next cycle. Hope that helps. (No one needs an appliance that will inundate the floors and downstairs neighbors.)

Post 1

If the faucet is left on after the dishwasher is done, does the water keep running or does the hose somehow stop it?

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