What Is a Porch Swing Set?

Dan Cavallari

Sitting outdoors during warmer months can offer great relaxation and comfort. On porches in the front of the home, a porch swing set can be a perfect seating arrangement that offers a calming motion. This swing will usually feature seating for two people, and it may be either suspended from cables, or from a standalone frame that is sold as part of the porch swing set. The set will basically include all of the components and hardware necessary to install the swing on the porch or to build the standalone unit for placement on the porch.

Allen screws, which are often needed to make porch swing sets.
Allen screws, which are often needed to make porch swing sets.

A porch swing set that is intended to be hung will generally include the swing itself, the chains, and the hardware for mounting the swing to a sturdy support beam. The hardware may include eye bolts that screw into a beam, as well as rubber gaskets that will help minimize noise while the swing is in motion. The chains will usually attach to eye bolts attached to the swing itself, thereby providing a stable and strong support. Ropes can also be used in lieu of chains, but ropes tend to be less durable and more susceptible to weather damage. The swing is often made from wood, though steel or even vinyl swings are also available.

A standalone porch swing set will include many of the same components, but instead of screwing eye bolts into an overhead beam, the swing will hang from a standalone frame. The kit will therefore include all the hardware for constructing this frame, which may include large nuts and bolts, as well as pieces of lumber that make up the structure. Metal frames are also available, and they are often held together with bolts as well. The porch swing set will not generally include the tools necessary to build the structure, though some kits may include smaller tools such as Allen wrenches for securing bolts.

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A child's porch swing set is somewhat different. It will basically include the hardware necessary for installing a one-seat swing intended for use by a small child. The swing itself is likely to feature some sort of seatbelt or safety harness to ensure the child does not fall out of the seat while it is in use. Any chains that connect the chair to a frame or overhead beam are likely to be covered with a plastic sheath so the child's hands do not get pinched in between the links of the chain.

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