What is a Pop up Coffee Table?

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A pop up coffee table is a type of coffee table designed to be used in a number of different functions. It can be used as a standard coffee table, as it is usually about that size and at the appropriate height for use by people sitting on the floor or on a couch. The top, however, can also be raised from the rest of the table so it can be used as a dining table or work table. A pop up coffee table is named for this feature, as the top is able to “pop up” from the rest of the table.

The basic idea behind a pop up coffee table is that it can serve a number of different roles and functions while in use. This can be advantageous when used in a small room or in a space that could not easily accommodate a coffee table and a dining table. Even in a larger space, the ability to convert between different purposes can make a pop up coffee table quite attractive and useful as a piece of furniture. The two most common purposes for this type of coffee table are to function as a dining table or a work table.


As a dining table, the raised surface of a pop up coffee table can allow someone sitting on a couch to more easily use the table to eat from. On the other hand, someone could simply bring chairs to the table and use it to eat at like a small dining room table. For working on a laptop or similar purposes, this sort of table can work quite well and provide a more suitable surface than a standard coffee table. A pop up coffee table can also include drawers or similar compartments beneath the surface, so that it provides extra storage while the top is lifted.

There are a number of different designs for a pop up coffee table and how the top can be raised depends on the table. They will usually use some kind of spring or hinge system that allows the top to be raised or lowered. The top may lock into place, allowing it to be used only in two different positions: fully raised or fully lowered. Other designs will allow the pop up coffee table surface to remain stable and firm in a variety of positions, allowing for more options when in use.


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