What is a Pod Coffeemaker?

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A pod coffeemaker is a coffeemaker which forces water through a pre-packed pod of coffee grounds, rather than a drip filter. Many pod coffeemakers are designed to yield single servings of fresh, high quality coffee which are brewed very rapidly, and it is also possible to find models which brew coffee in bulk. Many kitchen supply stores sell pod coffeemakers along with pods to fill them with, and it is possible to find tea pods in addition to coffee pods.

To use a pod coffeemaker, a chamber in the coffeemaker is opened and the pod is inserted. After filling the pod coffeemaker with water and turning it on, the coffeemaker generates a small amount of pressure to force water through the pod, much like an espresso machine. Pod coffeemakers work very quickly, and because the amount of coffee grounds in the pod is precisely measured, the results are very consistent. The lightly pressurized system also generates a small amount of creamy foam which is reminiscent of the crema which appears on espresso and other pressurized coffee brews.


As a general rule, the pods themselves are not disposable, with coffee coming in individual packages which can be pressed into the pod. Some pod coffeemakers do come with disposable pods, often in an assortment of flavors, and it is also possible to pack your own pod, if you have a type of coffee you particularly like. When packing your own pod, it is important to ensure that the grounds are well tamped, ensuring even filtration of the water.

The biggest advantage to a pod coffeemaker in the opinion of many people is the fact that it is easy to use, and it doesn't generate nearly as much mess as a drip coffeepot. When the coffee is made, the pod can be ejected and emptied out in the compost or garbage with a minimal mess, which can be preferable to doing battle with a coffee filter. Pod coffeemakers are also much faster than drip coffee makers, and the ability to make a single cup of coffee at a time is nice for many people.

Making a single cup can be advantageous when only one person wants a cup of coffee, or in a household where people like to drink their coffee as fresh as possible. Coffee loses much of its rich aroma and flavor if it is allowed to sit, especially on the burner of a coffeemaker, which will typically cause the coffee to slowly turn bitter and unappetizing. Coffee from a pod coffeemaker will not suffer from this problem, and the pod selection is generally quite diverse, satisfying the desire for everything from different types of flavored coffee to gourmet varieties like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.


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