What is a Plasma Mount?

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A plasma mount is a device used to hold a plasma television. A plasma mount may be created for use on a wall, on the ceiling, or on a table.

A wall plasma mount should be able to provide the viewer with a full range of mobility options. These include the ability to tilt and swivel the television as necessary. Before installing a wall plasma mount, it is necessary to ensure a there is a sturdy set of wall studs available on which the mount can be anchored. The plasma wall mount comes prepared to fit the standard distance between studs. It is also possible to purchase a plasma wall mount kit for use with cinder block and solid concrete walls.

When installing a wall plasma mount, it is necessary to choose the best location and to determine whether the television will be mounted with the screen flat or tilted at an angle. If the television will be viewed directly, it is generally best to mount it flat. If the television will be high on the wall, however, an angled or tilted plasma mount may be better. Another option is to purchase a plasma mount that allows for changing the position of the television without removing it from the mount. The articulating arm plasma mount is the most versatile of the wall mounts.


A ceiling plasma mount is anchored by the joists. It is also necessary to use a ceiling flange and extension pipe. The ceiling plasma mount is used when the television needs to be placed somewhere a wall is not available, such as in the middle of a big room or in front of a window. The extension pipe makes it possible to customize the height of the ceiling plasma mount.

A tabletop plasma mount is more of a stand. This type of plasma mount usually offers many tilt options and flexibility with screen positioning. On the other hand, it takes up more space than a ceiling or wall plasma mount, because it requires a table on which the television can stand.


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