What is a Pilates Table?

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A Pilates table is a specific kind of Pilates equipment that helps an individual to do more with this physical fitness art. Pilates, a relatively recent invention for physical fitness enthusiasts, helps individuals to train their bodies without heavy weights, or some of the other traditional fitness equipment found in the average gym. Pilates works on specific principles of natural resistance, including held body positions that put an innate challenge on muscle groups.

The effects of Pilates may not be as immediately visible as those of weight lifting or other traditional exercises, but trainers can really get a lot out of a Pilates routine. An advanced range of motion, better agility, toned muscles, weight loss and more can accompany a rigorous Pilates regimen. Some kinds of Pilates exercises require various Pilates accessories and equipment that need to be factored into the cost of pursuing this kind of exercise.

The most basic kinds of Pilates do not require much gear at all. Some Pilates work can be done without any apparatus. Other Pilates routines include small tools like a Pilates magic ring or circle, an elastic tool that provides for resistance against body parts. Other forms of advanced Pilates include large Pilates equipment like the Pilates table.


A Pilates table is generally a piece of equipment that helps users practice a fuller variety of Pilates exercises through various pieces that interact with the body. Typically, the Pilates table has a flat bottom that is used much like a fitness mat. Above this horizontal surface, different attachments help the body to hold poses or work in various ways. Spring loaded parts might allow for greater resistance. Bars and frames help users to put their body into specific positions that will challenge their core or other muscles.

Pilates table machines vary a great deal in design. Some are wooden, with vertical frames. Others have an open metal structure. One common type of Pilates table is called the Pilates Cadillac. The Pilates Cadillac is also called a “trapeze table” and includes specific structural elements for helping the body to hang from the frame.

Those involved in Pilates can use any kind of Pilates table for some advanced poses or activities. These pieces can be expensive and hard to move, so generally, a user will be somewhat experienced in Pilates before making such an acquisition. For true Pilates fans, these pieces of equipment can empower more kinds of training in the popular Pilates style.


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