What Is a Pilates Rebounder?

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A pilates rebounder is essentially a mini trampoline that is added to the end of a pilates reformer bed. Developed by Joseph Pilates, the reformer bed is comprised of straps, ropes and springs that allow the user to perform a series of strengthening and stretching exercises, many while lying down. The addition of the pilates rebounder brings a cardiovascular component to the workout by quickly increasing the user's heart rate. This type of cardiovascular workout can help eliminate the wear and tear on joints typically experienced with running or even using a treadmill.

A reformer is comprised of a number of different parts, including the frame, a strap system, a movable carriage, the gear system and springs, an adjustable footbar, and a movable headrest. The rebounder is simply an addition of a mini trampoline to one end. The frame of a reformer may be made of either metal or wood; most are of metal. This rebounder itself is available as either a rebounder-equipped reformer or as just an add-on piece.


The pilates reformer works when a user applies resistance to the footbar or pulls the straps or ropes, causing the carriage to glide back and forth over the frame. The amount of resistance applied determines how much the carriage will move. Many of the components are movable or adjustable to allow for a proper fit for a user. While many of the exercises are done lying down, they can also be performed while sitting, kneeling, or standing on the carriage.

Pilates equipment is available for home, studio, and rehabilitative use, and aA number of designs are available to meet an individual's needs. An exercise specialist can help determine an exerciser's unique criteria for a pilates rebounder. They are available in a variety of price ranges.

Created in 1920, pilates incorporates a series of approximately 100 exercises aimed at stretching, lengthening, and strengthening arms, legs, and abdominals, known as the core. Joseph Pilates started the Pilates Method with exercises that were performed on a mat. He quickly added resistance equipment such as springs and ropes to his system, especially to help patients in rehabilitation after an injury. Soon after, the reformer machine was developed, incorporating mat exercises with resistance training. The pilates rebounder was developed to specifically add a cardiovascular aspect to the pilates workout.


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