What is a Personal Travel Assistant?

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A personal travel assistant is a person whose main goal is to facilitate travel arrangements for companies or individuals. This job position can largely be compared to that of an administrative assistant, and the two titles are frequently interchangeable. In fact, most travel assistants begin as administrative assistants or as travel agents.

People who have spent an extensive amount of time working within the travel industry may make excellent travel assistants. Likewise, anyone who understands the corporate world will be able to juggle intricate travel details. Since the travel assistant must be able to book flights, conferences, and hotel accommodations, this position is one that often comes with a fair amount of stress.

The ultimate purpose of a personal travel assistant is to save an individual or company money while finding adequate travel accommodations. Through intimate industry knowledge, excellent research capabilities, and personal or professional contacts, a top travel assistant can make any kind of travel easy.

Frequently, a personal travel assistant may be responsible for booking a trip for an entire company or a team within that company. In this instance, careful attention to travel details and specifications is essential. People who hire assistants are seeking a way to travel without personal involvement, which means that travel assistants must be trustworthy and capable.


While there aren't a large number of personal travel assistants in the world, those who have discovered this niche market are often highly skilled. In addition to individuals who may act as travel assistants, many large companies permanently hire travel specialists. Occasionally, corporate travel assistants may also work within a large travel agency, though these professionals solely focus upon corporate travel affairs.

Travel assistants do not have to obtain any kind of specialized degree in order to work as a travel professional. Instead, this type of position is largely based upon experience. Anyone wishing to become a personal travel assistant should begin by working within the travel industry. Alternately, administrative assistants may begin building a travel business by booking corporate trips and planning corporate functions.

To find a personal travel assistant, speak with a local travel agency. In most instances, travel agencies will be able to provide the names of potential assistants. Otherwise, a basic Internet search may reveal travel assistants within a certain geographical area. Those traveling to foreign countries may also want to consider hiring travel assistants who reside within a destination country, since these experts frequently have insider information that foreign assistants may not be able to obtain.


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Post 3

@JessicaLynn - Sounds like hiring a travel assistant would make life easier for business people. But not for the travel assistant! I couldn't imagine being the person responsible for getting a group of people from point A to point B and making sure they had a place to stay. And keeping it to a certain time frame.

However, like the article said, usually travel assistants do have a lot of experience. Sounds like they need it!

Post 2

I can totally see why a business might hire a personal travel assistant. I know some business people travel a lot, especially high level executives.

The last thing these people want to do is worry about their travel arrangements! They already have to worry about the business they're going to be transacting while they travel.

I think it would probably be cost effective as far as man hours go to just hire a professional, too. It would probably take a personal travel assistant far less time to plan a trip than it would a bunch of business people!

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