What is a Personal Hot Tub?

Dan Cavallari

A personal hot tub may refer to either a one-person hot tub designed for personal use, or a multi-person hot tub that is used at home rather than in a public place such as a hotel or gym. Generally speaking, a personal hot tub is used only by one or two people, and such tubs are not open to the public. A one-person personal hot tub is designed to hold just one person at a time, and it is constructed much like other, larger hot tubs but on a smaller scale.

Personal hot tubs are installed at home for private use.
Personal hot tubs are installed at home for private use.

Hot tubs is filled with water that is heated by an internal heater or external wood-fired stove. Many hot tubs feature jets that propel water directionally, creating a massaging effect on the user. A personal hot tub differs from other hot tubs in size only, and when choosing a personal hot tub, one should choose a model with the same features as a full sized tub. One should also be sure to sit in the tub before purchasing to make sure it is comfortable and the jets are aimed at the parts of the body most in need of massaging.

One of the advantages of a personal hot tub is the knowledge that the tub is properly maintained. Public hot tubs usually host many people throughout the course of the day, and it is difficult to know how often and how thoroughly the tub is cleaned. Hot tubs can be breeding grounds for bacteria, causing illness or other health issues; a personal hot tub is owned and maintained by the owner, which means he or she has control over the sanitation of the tub. One person tubs are much easier to clean as well, since they are much smaller, though they do require the same types of maintenance as larger, public tubs.

A personal hot tub may be heated using an electrical hook-up that runs an internal heater. Other tubs are gas or wood-fired; wood-fired tubs are far less expensive to operate than other types of heating systems, though the water temperature will not be as consistent. Such tubs can also be placed in locations away from the house or electrical outlets, since it does not need any electricity to run — unless, of course, the tub also features jets that run off an electric motor.

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