What is a Pedicure Tub?

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A pedicure tub is a basin that is used to wash the feet during a pedicure. These kinds of tubs vary a great deal in terms of their size and functions. Some tubs are simply plastic or metal basins that have been designed in a shape that easily accommodates human feet. Others are quite high-tech and include water jets, a heating element for the water, and external footrests that can be used while exfoliating the feet or buffing and painting the toenails.

The more advanced types of pedicure tubs are often attached to pedicure thrones, high chairs that resemble easy chairs placed on a pedestal. Instead of an ottoman, there is a pedicure tub where the feet easily rest during the spa treatment. These pedicure thrones often have a number of advanced features such as mechanical massage rollers placed into the back and seat of the chair. They are stationary as they have to be connected to an electrical outlet and water supply.


There are also much more modest pedicure tubs that are intended for personal use at home. Many home goods stores sell these sorts of tubs and the prices vary. They are often used by people who like to keep their feet looking nice but prefer not to pay for spa treatments. A pedicure tub can also be used to ease certain ailments. A painful ingrown toenail can be more easily removed if the foot is first soaked in warm water in a pedicure tub as this will help to soften the nail and the skin surrounding it.

Some people who regularly suffer from aching feet enjoy using these kinds of tubs. In addition to warming the feet and softening the skin, spending the time to soak one’s feet in a pedicure tub can also be very relaxing. To add to the relaxing benefits of this experience, some people choose to add soothing essential oils or bath salts to the water.

A pedicure tub can be useful for people who regularly suffer from dry skin on the feet and cracked heels. Regularly soaking the feet in warm water can help to soften the skin. Following the soak with a foot rub using an emollient such as a thick cream or even baby oil is a great way to help lock moisture into the skin. Donning clean cotton socks after this treatment is a great way to help the feet soak in the moisture.


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