What is a Patio Trellis?

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A patio trellis is any structure attached to a patio that is used to promote vertical growth of climbing plants. There are many different designs, from simple four by four posts with interwoven wood to vinyl and concrete. When deciding what kind of patio trellis to get, a gardener should first decide what plants are going to be growing. This is a project that can be custom built by the home owner, put up by a landscaper, or purchased already assembled to size for a particular patio. A patio trellis can be a popular addition to any back-yard patio for changing the decor of the landscape, adding privacy, and growing unique plants.

Depending on what the primary function of the patio trellis is going to be, there are many different designs and materials. Some popular choices are wood, decorative metal, and plastic. Cedar is often used due to its affordability, color, and natural aroma. Metal offers either a modern look or an Americana art deco cast iron feel to a patio. Plastic is easy to clean, very affordable, and can be custom made to any size or shape fairly easily.

There are many different plants that will thrive on a patio trellis, and they can serve many purposes. Honeysuckle plants have many variations, but they all share a very pleasant smell. These beautiful flowers also offer good cover for privacy. They are low maintenance, and will basically grow on their own once planted.


Roses are one of the most common plants for the patio trellis. These take a bit more work, and have thorns that can prick the unwary. Roses have many different colors, sizes, and durability. They take some time to grow dense enough for practical privacy, but they will if tended properly.

Many people will grow fruit from trellises. Tomatoes, grapes, and some peppers will climb with ease up the structure. If growing fruit, it is important to have a strong trellis. The plant will get heavy as the fruit grows, and could cause the structure to fall. This could kill the plant, destroying the look of the patio.

Patio trellises have been used since ancient times, and have always given people a practical way to grow and decorate. From vines and flowers to fruits and vegetables, patio trellises have tamed some of the wildest plant life. With so many different designs and materials, these remain one of the most popular additions to back yards.


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Post 3

@raynbow- Metal trellises are nice, but you may want to consider a trellis made of heavy plastic or vinyl for your patio. Sometimes metal trellis will rust, but plastic or vinyl trellises will last for years. They also work very well with heavy, vining plants like morning glories.

Post 2

@raynbow- I think that you will find that a metal trellis will look great next to your patio. Not only will it last for many seasons, but a trellis made of metal will be durable and sturdy enough to hold up heavy vines.

I also think that a metal trellis will be nice for morning glories, though you will want to make sure you get one that is wide enough to accommodate your plants. Morning glories start out small but grow thick and bushy throughout the summer growing season. Therefore, a narrow metal trellis may not be big enough to withstand the weight of your morning glory plants as the vines get thick and heavy.

Post 1

I want to put a trellis beside my patio for some morning glories and have been considering the metal variety. Does anyone have any thoughts is this type of trellis would be a good choice to use close to a patio for these plants that like to vine?

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