What is a Patio Gazebo?

Amy Hunter

A patio gazebo is a wonderful addition to the outdoor living area of your home. Patio gazebos provide an area to enjoy the outdoors while still being sheltered from the sun and rain. Hot tubs and other amenities are a common addition to gazebos.

In some cases, the area will need to be graded and batter boards put up to mark the sides of the gazebo.
In some cases, the area will need to be graded and batter boards put up to mark the sides of the gazebo.

A patio gazebo is an open-sided room that has a roof, openings in each side and a floor. It makes a wonderful addition for outdoor entertaining. Some people add outdoor furniture to their patio, while others choose gazebos that have benches built in to the walls.

There are a variety of ways to customize a patio gazebo. Some people choose to include screens in the openings of the gazebo sides, while others include a ceiling fan. The patio gazebo may be square or octagonal in shape.

There are a variety of ways to add a patio gazebo to your home. Some people choose a patio gazebo that is delivered fully assembled. Others choose to purchase a patio gazebo that will need to be assembled on-site. Finally, some people choose to purchase the plans for a patio gazebo and purchase the lumber and build the gazebo themselves.

Regardless of how you choose to purchase a patio gazebo, make sure that you understand how it will be shipped, how much the shipping will cost and how you should prepare the area before bringing the patio in. You can save money by building your own patio gazebo, but before you undertake such a project it is important to know exactly what is involved. Some people believe that building a patio gazebo involves only building the gazebo itself. To build a gazebo that is sturdy and that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come, it is important to build it on a sturdy foundation.

If your home has an existing deck or patio, it may be possible to add a gazebo to the area. If not, it is important to install a proper wood, concrete or stone foundation, depending on the type of soil where you live. If you skimp on the foundation, the gazebo will not withstand changes that naturally occur in the soil over the course of the season.

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@rundocuri- My grandmother had a patio gazebo installed several years ago, and she was pleasantly surprised and how it enhanced the value of her home when she decided to sell it.

All of the feedback that she received from potential home buyers was very positive. They liked that her patio gazebo was unique, that it provided a covered area on the patio, and that it looked very attractive and expensive. They also thought that it complimented the exterior of her home and yard.

I think that if you decide to get a patio gazebo, not only will you have many years of enjoyment from it, but you will continue to enjoy its benefits if you decide to sell your home. It will more than likely add to its value, which is an added bonus of this type of patio enclosure.


I was wondering if anyone has any ideas whether or not a patio gazebo is a good investment. I have been thinking about getting one, but was not sure if it would add to or detract from the value of my home.

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