What is a Panelized Home?

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Panelized homes are houses that are constructed by combining modules that are created and assembled off-site, then transported to the property where they are joined to form a complete dwelling. As one type of prefab or modular home, the panelized home offers the ability to select from a set of preplanned designs to create a home that is the right size for the family. Since the panels or modules are constructed in a controlled environment, there are no building delays due to a lack of materials, inclement weather, or other factors that tend to slow down the construction process.

The creation of a prefabricated or panelized home begins with the selection of a basic design. Unlike some other options, prefab construction of this type of somewhat flexible. Once the basic design is determined, the modules can be adapted to suit the tastes and needs of the individual purchasing the home. This approach helps to keep down the cost of new construction, by allowing the home to be constructed using components that are produced in quantity rather than on an as needed basis.


Once the final plans are approved, the various panels can be milled to conform to the specifications of the design. In order to expedite the assembly of the panelized home at its destination, each of the panels are coded. The codes help to identify where in the construction each panel is to be placed, making it easy for the construction crew to quickly locate and connect panels for each room on the first floor, then proceed to the panels that are earmarked for a second floor, attic, or roof.

While the assembly of a panelized home draws upon traditional construction methods, there are some differences in the actual process of assembly. For this reason, construction crews hired to put together a panelized or prefab home should be certified in the use of a panelized kit. Taking this precaution will also help to avoid possible delays in the final construction of the edifice and have the home ready for habitation in a short period of time.

A panelized home can serve as the main residence or as a weekend getaway. Among the available designs are homes ideal for construction on a city lot, panelized or prefab cabins for the lake, and home kits for beachside homes. While a panelized home is likely to meet with all local building codes, there are some instances when a particular base design cannot be used in a given locality. Generally, companies that offer panelized home construction can advise you of what basic plans are in accordance with local standards and which ones are not suitable for your area.


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