What is a Pancake Mold?

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A pancake mold is a kitchen tool which is designed to create pancakes in specific shapes. Pancake molds are essentially like cookie cutters, except that they are intended to be used in the skillet or on the griddle, so they are treated to be heat-resistant. Using a pancake mold, it is possible to come up with all sorts of shaped pancakes, from hearts to roosters. Pancake molds are typically available in kitchen supply stores, and they can also be ordered from specialty suppliers.

People of all ages like pancakes in fanciful shapes, and using a pancake mold is much easier than trying to control the way the batter is poured onto the griddle. Shaped pancakes can be served exactly like normal pancakes, with various toppings such as butter, fruit, and syrup. In addition to being fun to eat, shaped pancakes also have a very consistent size, which makes them easier to cook and to distribute in a group.


To use a pancake mold, cooks place the mold in a skillet or on the griddle after oiling the cooking surface and the mold, and then pancake batter is ladled into the mold. After the batter is cooked through on one side, the mold can be removed, allowing the pancake to be flipped. Some pancake molds are designed to be cooked on both sides, with cooks flipping the pancake and mold together, keeping the shape even crisper. The end result is a pancake cooked in the shape of the mold.

Because pancake molds are designed to be used in a hot pan, they are made from materials which can handle heat. Many pancake molds are made from various metals, often with cool-touch handles which allow cooks to remove the molds easily. Metal molds will need to be oiled before use to ensure that the batter does not stick. It is also possible to find silicone pancake molds, which do not need to be oiled.

Most pancake molds are designed to produce pancakes of a reasonably large size, and they often come in coordinating sets. It is possible to find hearts, animals, fruits, and other fanciful shapes, and you can also use cookie cutters as pancake molds for smaller shaped pancakes. If you decide to use cookie cutters, make sure that they will be able to handle the heat of the cooking surface; avoid plastic cookie cutters, and try to use cookie cutters with handles. You can also use a crumpet ring as a pancake mold.


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Post 4

@Calvin77 - Wow that sounds fun! I think I'll ask my kids' school if they would do something like that. There are tons of car washes around here, so bake sales are about all we have.

The biggest use of pancake molds for me was at several birthday parties. My son asked me to make pancakes for breakfast on his birthday and I agreed.

But as it got closer to his birthday, more and more people were going to be there in the morning. I almost made plain round pancakes for it, but my son had been really hoping for shaped ones.

Out of all of the families visiting for the party, I think I convinced everyone to use pancake molds from then on. The kids loved them!

Post 3

The first time I used pancake molds was for a school pancake breakfast fund raiser. We set up in the cafeteria and everyone brought their griddles. We had metal tables set up all the way around the room and big fans to keep it cool in there. We had a table that mixed batter as we needed it need the back.

Everyone was given a different set of pancake molds in popular themes (Star Wars was there too) and a sign to advertise what shapes we had. While we cooked, we had talent show then short plays for visitors to watch. We met our goal of $1,000 USD and a little more.

The only problem was that everyone was really sick of pancakes when we were done! It was really fun and I got to keep the molds I used.

Post 2

@Almita - My kids love "Star Wars" so I have a whole set of molds in the shapes of the characters. I agree with you -- if kids don't play with their food, they probably aren't going to eat it.

I also have sets of pancake molds for lots of other cartoon characters. I tried serving plain old round pancakes and my kids were very upset. I guess I spoiled them on shapes. They are getting older and they still prefer the shaped ones.

My mom never used pancake molds -- she just poured the batter in the shape of flowers directly onto the griddle. She was really good at it too -- I remember thinking it was magic when I was

little. She just grabbed a cup of batter and drizzled it onto the pan and there was a flower!

I've tried doing the same thing, but it always turns out sloppy blobs instead of flowers. I don't know how she did it. I guess it must take a lot of practice.

Post 1

I remember when I was little mom would always use a teddy bear shaped pancake mold. She would decorate it really quick with blueberry eyes and a whip cream outfit. It always made my day. Sometimes she would stick strawberry slices on it too.

My kids are into dinosaurs, so I got a set of dinosaur pancake molds at a thrift store. They are really cute and my kids love eating them. They make the dinosaurs talk and roar. I'm okay if my kids play with their food -- it means they like it!

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