What is a Paid Car Wrap?

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A paid car wrap is a form of advertising in which a driver is paid to drive a vehicle which has been covered in a vinyl wrap which transforms the appearance of the vehicle. The wrap may consist simply of advertising copy and images, or it may be more creative, doing something like transforming a car into a giant food item, for example. Vehicle wrapping is a very effective and cheap method of outdoor advertising which companies can use to radically increase their exposure.

Paid car wraps can work in a number of different ways. In some cases, a driver is given a wrapped vehicle to drive by the company. The driver is expected to maintain the car in good condition, taking care to keep it clean so that the wrap does not look unsightly, and the driver may be required to drive a minimum amount every week to ensure that a baseline of exposure is achieved. The driver is also expected to maintain insurance on the vehicle.

In other cases, drivers are paid to wrap vehicles they own. The company pays for the wrapping service, and offers the driver a stipend in exchange for driving the wrapped vehicle. The paid car wrap can last for months of years, depending on the specifics of the contract. When the wrap starts to wear away or the contract ends, it can be removed or replaced.


The idea of being paid to drive is quite appealing to many people, and there are some paid car wrap scams to watch out for. As a general rule, if the company asks the driver to pay for the wrap, this can be a bad sign. If the contract does not specify what happens if the driver wants the wrap removed, or what happens at the end of the paid car wrap contract, this can also indicate that the company may not be operating in good faith. Drivers should also be aware that reputable paid car wrap companies often have a long waiting list, and that they do not charge fees to get on the list, or require people to pay fees to apply.

People who are interested in driving cars with advertising vehicle wraps should also check on the applicable laws in their areas. There may be laws about which windows can be covered and other issues which could impact the legality of a car wrap. A driver should not rely on the company to do this research: If a car does violate the vehicle code, it is the driver who will be fined, not the company which paid for the car wrap.


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Post 3

Yep, ran across a few sites wanting 30's up front. That's a big red flag. Also the ones that say they will send you a check for xyz amount of money so you can wire the rest to the installer are also fake.

Post 2

does anyone know what happens to your car under the wrap? does your car rust or paint fade? grizz

Post 1

I wonder how much they pay to drive a car with their advertising? Driving around in a car covered with energy drink logos wouldn't be bad, but what if it was for condoms or Viagra?! It could be pretty embarrassing, but then again if you need a car it wouldn't really matter as long as it got you from point A to B.

I have yet to find a site that is not asking for some form of payment to access their "list" though. I did come across one that was free to sign up but then wanted all my personal info to be put on a list for advertisers to view..don't know if that one is legit or not but I didn't risk it.

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