What Is a Nail Polish Brush?

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A nail polish brush is a type of small brush used to create nail art. Nail polish brushes are available in a variety of styles, each one designed to help the manicurist create a specific effect or “look.” These brushes are common manicure tools among professionals, though private customers can purchase and use them as well. Other kinds of nail art tools are often sold within nail art kits and even alongside individual nail art brushes. Note that these nail polish brushes are different kinds of brushes from those that come attached to the lids of traditional nail polish bottles.

There are several different kinds of nail polish brushes, and each kind serves a specific purpose. For example, the striper nail polish brush is used to create vertical and horizontal lines across the nails, whereas the fan nail polish brush is used for airbrush effects and blending colors. There are various versions of the angled nail polish brush, which gives the manicurist more control over the brush and creating the desired results. Some nail polish brushes are simple, with the actual brush on one end and a tool for dotting or creating other effects on the other end. Even though they are not actual brushes, the dotting tool and the needle pen, which are used to create especially intricate details on the nail, are often sold alongside and in kits with other nail polish brushes.


These brushes and other nail art tools are not exclusive to the professional manicure scene. A customer can purchase a nail polish brush or kit of brushes for professional or private manicures. Typically, an individual nail polish brush is inexpensively priced, though the overall cost can depend on product quality and the company selling it. Kits cost more than individual brushes, but usually less than purchasing each brush individually. Anyone interested in purchasing a nail polish brush or kit can search both online and brick-and-mortar beauty supply stores, and even talk with professional manicurists about where they purchase their brushes.

It is important to note that these kinds of nail polish brushes are not the same as the kinds used to paint fingernails and toenails. Depending on the brand, a regular fingernail polish brush might be thin and pointy enough to allow for creating nail art. Finding such brushes can be difficult, unless the manufacturer advertises their characteristics or the shopper is allowed to open the bottle before purchasing it. Still, those kinds of brushes generally are shorter and attached to the lid of the nail polish bottle. It is possible to purchase those brushes separately from a bottle of nail polish, though it is not common and usually only done if the original brush becomes damaged or lost.


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