What Is a Mustard Bath?

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People who would like to eliminate stress and relieve tired muscles may want to try a mustard bath. This medical treatment consists of dried mustard powder, kosher salt, powdered milk, ginger, and essential oils. It is added to a hot tub of water, and then soaked in for around 20 minutes. This alternative medicine is often administered at a spa, but can be used at home as well.

A mustard bath typically contains powdered milk, kosher salt, and ginger. Powdered mustard or ground mustard seed is used rather than prepared mustard. Various essential oils could be added to the mixture, and some of the more common ones used are eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon. The ingredients needed to make this bath additive can be purchased inexpensively at many supermarkets.

This alternative medicine is used by running hot water into a bathtub and then adding the mixture to the water as it is flowing from the faucet. If needed, an individual can swish the water back and forth to mix the mustard bath evenly. A full bathtub of water should be used for best results, and it is more effective if the water is very warm but not scorching.


Some of the mustard bath benefits are that bathing with this remedy can help open the pores, which then allows toxins to escape. This in turn may help relieve tired muscles and can also be effective at eliminating migraines. Many people find this medical treatment stimulates the circulation and helps clear the sinuses, so it is helpful for treating colds and fevers as well. This remedy can also reduce stress, which is one reason why it may help promote healthy sleeping patterns.

People who do not want to use a mustard bath when bathing their entire body may want to try using this therapeutic remedy as a foot soak. This can be done by taking a small amount of the mixture and adding it to a foot tub before soaking. Doing so can help relieve aches and pains associated with standing or walking for long periods.

This alternative medicine can be easily made at home using ingredients that are easy to find. It is also safe to use on a regular basis, so people can try this medical treatment as often as they need to. A mustard bath could cause a rash or irritation in people who have sensitive skin, so those individuals may want to avoid this natural remedy.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- I've had a mustard bath several times and didn't have any problems like that. If it does, then it means you've put too much mustard, ginger or too much of the essential oils.

My mustard bath recipe says a half cup mustard seed, a fourth cup ginger and one drop each of the essential oils. Be careful with the essential oils because I know that eucalyptus and rosemary especially can cause a burning sensation when it's too much.

You might just want to start with less ingredients and add more while in the bath just to make sure. Some people are more sensitive than others and might need less ingredients.

Post 2

This sounds good but as far as I know, ground mustard is kind of hot. Wouldn't it burn the sensitive parts in the bath?

I don't have sensitive skin but I still think it could be bothersome on the sensitive areas. Has anyone tried mustard bath and had that problem?

I think I might try the mustard foot bath first and see how that fares on my skin.

Post 1

Mustard baths are also really great after a workout. I had heard about mustard baths once and I happened to have mustard seeds at home. I use them when I make Indian food. So I just grounded some in a spice grinder and mixed the ground mustard seeds with ground ginger and Epsom salt in my bath. I had a lot of muscle pain from intense workouts and it worked wonders on my back and arms.

In fact, I think it's the best pain relieving therapy after workouts. I've been doing them regularly after workouts now. I used to have to take five or six days off working out before because of the pain. Now I'm back in the gym in two or three days.

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