What Is a Musical Toothbrush?

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A musical toothbrush is a type of toothbrush that plays music. This music usually starts playing when a button is pushed or the bristles on the brush are pressed against the teeth. It plays for roughly two minutes, which is how long people are advised to brush their teeth. Popular cartoon characters and lights may also be on these toothbrushes, making them even more appealing to children. Although these toothbrushes cost a little more than traditional children's toothbrushes, they can also help a child establish good oral hygiene habits.

Children who learn good oral hygiene habits early in life are more likely to stick with these habits into adulthood. This can result in fewer dental problems, including cavities and gingivitis. Many children, however, do not brush their teeth often enough or properly. Parents may find that a musical toothbrush can help their child learn good tooth brushing habits, since children see these oral hygiene tools as fun.

The music in a musical toothbrush typically plays for about two minutes. This is because dentists usually advise people to brush their teeth for that amount of time. When the music stops, this signals the end of two minutes, and the user can stop brushing his teeth. Individuals who brush their teeth for this length of time are likely to remove most of the plaque and loose food particles from their teeth.


Since most musical toothbrushes are meant to be used by children, they also usually have other features that appeal to children. The handle of a musical toothbrush will often be molded into the shape of a popular cartoon character. Some of these toothbrushes also have blinking lights in the handles.

A musical toothbrush is also usually battery operated. This is also advantageous, since brushing with an electric toothbrush also helps remove more plaque and food particles than brushing manually. Consumers will often find, however, that musical toothbrushes are often more expensive than other types of toothbrushes.

Making the tooth brushing process enjoyable for children is important. Parents who are looking to buy a toothbrush for a child are usually advised to bring the child along. Children are generally more likely to brush their teeth if they get to pick out their toothbrush. Purchasing a special children's toothpaste is also usually recommended, since these have much more pleasant flavors than adult toothpaste.


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