What is a Multi-Tier Server?

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A multi-tier server is a serving dish with two or more plates secured to a pole in the middle. The top of the pole is often looped to be used as a carrying handle for the server. Multi-tier servers are great pieces to have on hand for all types of entertaining.

Traditional multi-tier servers may be in porcelain floral china patterns. They may be sold as an extra piece to add to a china set. A plain white multi-tier server can go with any traditional china pattern as long as its style isn't too modern. White multi-tier servers with an embossed pattern may also work with many different dish sets.

A good tip when looking for a serving utensil is to remember to coordinate the style and color of metal, such as the handle, with cutlery. Contemporary multi-tier servers are usually less ornate in design that traditional ones. They may have clear glass plates that may be round or square in shape.

A regular dinner plate-sized multi-tier server usually has either two or three tiers. Larger multi-tiered servers may have four or more layers. These larger serving utensils are perfect for weddings or other big events. Some couples even forgo a wedding cake in favor of a cupcake-filled multi-tier server that has graduating sizes of tiers. Fancy metallic cupcake papers and ornate frosting on the cupcakes, plus a floral display on the top of the multi-sized server can look as stunning as a wedding cake.


The great thing about even smaller multi-tiered servers is their versatility. They can hold everything from fruit to cheese and crackers. A multi-tiered server is also a popular way to serve cookies and other baked goods at parties. Appetizer-filled multi-tiered servers can also be carried around to guests at a cocktail party thanks to the handle in the center of the utensil.

Since a multi-tier server is stacked high rather than spread out it takes minimum space on a table as well as for storage in a cupboard. Multi-tier serving dishes can also look elegant when displayed in a glass-fronted china cabinet. A multi-tier server can make an excellent gift for people who enjoy entertaining.


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