What Is a Mouthwash Dispenser?

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A mouthwash dispenser is a bathroom accessory that is designed to blend in with the décor while holding a convenient amount of mouthwash. The interior of the unit is often made of glass to eliminate the chance of any reaction with the mouthwash ingredients. Many different materials are used for the exterior of a mouthwash dispenser, including stainless steel, glass and ceramic. The unit typically has a button, lever or pump that allows a measured amount of mouthwash to be dispensed.

For a bathroom with a specific décor, such as fish, penguins, ducks or another common design, a ceramic mouthwash dispenser in a matching style is often the best choice. This type of unit fits in seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom. Ceramic dispensers normally are left sitting on the counter near the sink, where they can easily be seen and used.

Bathrooms with sleek, modern styling may look better with a more generic type of mouthwash dispenser. For these rooms, a unit made of stainless steel or one that is mostly glass often works well. The advantage of these is that they will fit into almost any type of bathroom, they are easy to keep clean, and, as a general rule, they use very little counter space.


In some cases it may be desirable to choose a mouthwash dispenser that hangs on the wall instead of sitting on the counter. This is especially helpful for small bathrooms and for people who prefer a minimum of clutter. In all cases the dispenser replaces the unsightly mouthwash bottle, enhancing the bathroom’s overall appearance.

It is typically more convenient to use a mouthwash dispenser than to pour the liquid from the original bottle. Most units are made to be filled with the product, allowing mouthwash to be dispensed at the push of a button. This can be easier to manage. Mouthwash is also less likely to be wasted when managed in this way, as it is far more precise than pouring from a large container. The transmission of germs is kept to a minimum, due to the way liquid is stored and dispensed.

Most styles of mouthwash dispensers are available in various sizes to suit personal preferences and family size. Additionally, some have pumps on top or buttons on the front and operate much like soap dispensers. Other types send a specific amount, usually 1 oz. (about 30 ml) into a holder that is part of the unit; from there it can be poured into a paper cup and used.


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Post 3

For those shopping for a mouthwash dispenser, make sure that it has a pump and that it pumps out the right amount of mouthwash. There are actually glass bottle mouthwash dispensers without the pump, which isn't really useful. And some have pumps but they don't work well. It's best to see before buying the dispenser or read customer reviews.

Post 2

I actually don't care what my mouthwash dispenser looks like. It doesn't have to fit with everything else in my bathroom. I just hate the bottles that mouthwash comes in. I like to buy the large bottles to save money and they are so ugly and bulky. I also hate that I almost always pour out too much mouthwash into the cup. I end up throwing away a little bit every night because I don't want to pour it back into the bottle So a mouthwash dispenser saves me money and space on my bathroom sink.

Post 1

I didn't even know that mouthwash dispensers existed until I saw one at a restaurant last week. It was a very nice, high end restaurant and they had a large mouthwash dispenser in the bathroom, along with disposable paper cups. I was surprised at first because I had never seen one before, but then I realized that it's a great idea.

Not only did the dispenser fit in with the decor of the bathroom, but it was also very useful after dinner, for the customers to refresh their breath. I've decided to get a few for my home as well. I will be sure to put one in the guest bathroom for my guests to use when they come over.

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