What is a Moustache Trimmer?

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A moustache trimmer is a personal grooming device used primarily to define and maintain the lip line of a beard or moustache. Two comb-shaped oscillating blades mounted on a portable unit capture and shear off unwanted facial hair, leaving a much neater appearance. A moustache trimmer is often combined with other hair and beard trimming accessories such as combs, blade guards and manual clippers.

Most moustache trimmer models are powered by batteries (rechargeable or non-rechargeable) and/or standard household current. A detachable electrical cord can provide direct power for the moustache trimmer or recharge the internal batteries over time. Some electric razors may also feature a rudimentary moustache trimmer as an attachment. The user can select between the smooth shave of a foil razor or the shearing action of the trimmer attachment.

The main purpose of a moustache trimmer is to maintain the beard area above the lip, commonly called a moustache or mustache. Moustache hairs tend to grow over the lip line, eventually hiding the lip area entirely and becoming unsightly. The moustache owner will use a small comb to separate the individual hairs and then use a moustache trimmer to carefully delineate a new lip line. The lines extending from the top of the moustache towards the sideburns may also be trimmed for neatness. A moustache trimmer is also good for maintaining sideburns and beard lines under the chin.


When a moustache trimmer is used in conjunction with a beard trimmer, special blade guards may be used. These guards prevent the beard or moustache trimmer blades from penetrating too far into the beard itself. Beard owners should decide on a length which best suits their needs and select a blade guard accordingly. Most blade guards work on a number system- the lower the number, the closer the trim. Some moustache trimmers may have an adjustable blade guard which can duplicate the effects of separate guards. New users may want to select a higher number and lower it with each 'pass' until the proper length is found.

A quality moustache trimmer should last for many years if properly maintained. Most trimmer sets contain special brushes for clearing out old hairs and a lubricating oil for the blades. Advanced models may even have a vacuum attachment which will draw in hairs as the blades cut them. Working with a moustache trimmer requires a fairly steady hand, so work carefully and use a mirror. Unlike some electric razors, a moustache trimmer is not always suited for use in the shower. Better results may be obtained when the facial hair is dry and combed.


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