What is a Mouse Deck?

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A mouse deck is a device that attaches to a computer desk in order to hold the mouse, which is used to navigate through the computer system. Typically, the mouse deck attaches to the underside of the keyboard tray and can be pulled out when needed. When not in use, it can be slid back into place beneath the keyboard tray. In this way, it does not get in the user’s way while working or sitting at the desk.

Individuals who do not have a mouse deck attached to their computer system generally use a mouse pad instead. The mouse pad rests on the top of the computer desk, which requires the user to lift his or her hand higher in order to reach it. For some users, holding a hand in that elevated position can become uncomfortable over time. In addition, it increases the chance of pain in the wrist as the user rests it against the edge of the desk while using the mouse.

With a mouse deck, the user does not need to elevate his or her hand. Instead, the mouse is located to his or her side at a lower level. This allows the user to place his or her hand in a more comfortable position. In addition, the mouse deck eliminates the possibility of cutting off the circulation or hurting the skin due to the wrist resting against the edge of the desk.

Although the mouse deck is attached to the computer desk, it serves the same function as the mouse pad. A typical mouse pad has at least one mildly textured side on which the mouse is placed. The mouse pad is smooth enough to allow the mouse to move, while textured enough to provide the traction necessary to make many mouse designs work.

A mouse deck also has a textured surface. This helps make the mouse work properly, and since the textured surface is built in, the mouse deck always stays in place. This eliminates the frustration often associated with using a mouse pad, which can inadvertently move around on the user’s desk.

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