What is a Mosquito Hat?

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Bites by mosquitos and other flying insects have always been an annoyance - and a serious health risk. Millions of people have been stricken by mosquito-caused malaria, and the recent outbreaks of West Nile virus have also been attributed to mosquito bites. Throughout the years, people have been seeking relief from the buzzing and biting nuisances, and one of the most practical solutions for keeping the biting bugs away is by wearing a mosquito hat.

Mosquito hats are brimmed hats that have a length of fine mesh mosquito netting sewn around the rim that drops down to the collar area. Once you put the hat on, you cinch in the netting by way of a drawstring, keeping the pests from biting you on the face, ears and neck. This hat with its attached veil protects hunters, hikers, fisherman, boaters and campers in even the most infested surroundings. The addition of a quality insect repellent beneath the netting promises a bug-free experience while enjoying the great outdoors.


Mosquito hats come in several different styles: brimmed, ball cap, and helmet. Available in both men's and women's sizes, they are also available in a few color choices, primarily khaki, green and camouflage. Most mosquito hats are compact accessories; they either fold into themselves in a pocket on the hat's brim, or they collapse to fit into their own handy carrying pouch. The majority of mosquito hats are constructed of nylon fabric for its lightweight and weatherproof properties - and to allow for easy packing.

These useful hats are usually sold by camping and fishing outfitters or by sports gear companies. Mosquito hats range in price from just a few dollars to the top-of-the-line versions that can sell for as much as $100. In addition to protecting against mosquitos, these hats also aid in protecting against other types of flying pests such as black flies, no-see-ums, gnats and midges. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, carrying a mosquito hat with you can be a sensible solution to an age-old problem.


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