What is a Monte Carlo Event?

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A Monte Carlo event refers to an organized event sponsored by a company, organization, or other entity for the purpose of entertainment, fund raising, and socialization. The term used in reference to an event stems from Monte Carlo, Monaco, widely known for its casinos and gambling. It's also the name of a solitaire card game and a video game. This type of event typically combines the prestige of Monte Carlo Entertainment, a Monaco-based company that organizes prestigious international events with a casino and gambling theme.

Many businesses host Monte Carlo events as a way to entertain and network with its employees. It can be a black-tie affair complete with banquet, open bar, dancing, and cards, or it can be more casual to include a fish fry and draft beer. Non-profit organizations often plan and host such events as fund raisers.

Though a Monte Carlo event may be organized and orchestrated in various ways depending on the entity hosting the event, there are several commonalities. It is always an organized event, not an impromptu occasion. Casino games such as poker, blackjack, craps, or roulette are typically offered. The biggest allure of such an event often stems from the fact that they can be hosted even in areas where casinos and gambling are outlawed.


In addition to casino games, a Monte Carlo event may also incorporate other fund raising ideas, such as raffles. While these events make very successful fund raisers, businesses also use them as a morale-boost for employees and a way to network with other businesses.

There are several companies in various parts of the world that organize Monte Carlo events as well as other fund raising events, banquets, and themed parties. The amount of involvement and service depends largely on the event-planning company. Organizations such as schools, churches, hospitals, and charitable organizations as well as businesses interested in hosting these events should contact several event planners and compare the extent of their available packages and services before contracting with a company. Many organizations find these events to be beneficial in a number of ways and continue to host them annually.


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