What is a Money Clip?

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The money clip, although functional, is also an accessory for men. It holds paper bills folded in half, eliminating the need for a wallet. Most commonly used in upscale society, the money clip might be gold, silver, bejeweled, or engraved.

A money clip is a folded piece of metal that takes the shape of a flat "U". The two ends of the "U" shape press against each other in order to form a clamp to hold the money in place. Money clips are commonly used by men when they don't require carrying a wallet, but want cash on hand. Certain very wealthy men might use a money clip because it is classier than pulling out a wallet, which may have a certain working-class stigma attached to it in upper echelons of society.

Modern money clips have evolved to include an additional breed. Many are now attached to a credit card holder which looks like a small leather wallet. This allows for additional carrying space to house credit cards, ATM cards or business cards. However, this style of money clip is much larger than a traditional money clip. While a regular money clip is about 2 inches x 1 inch (50mm x 25mm), a money clip attached to a credit card holder is roughly three times that size. Yet, this is still thinner and less bulky than most wallets.


A money clip can come in handy for anyone when wearing formal dress, such as at weddings, black tie parties, or other occasions. Accordingly, many professionals opt to use a money clip when in a business setting. If you wish to personalize your money clip, most jewelers offer engraved or monogrammed versions as well as countless other designs. Regardless of which design you choose, a money clip can be a great addition to your wardrobe when a wallet isn't appropriate.


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Post 4

I have always used a money clip, I think they are so much better than wallets. Not too many places to get them though. Bought one recently online. I have been trying to get a titanium one for a while but they are just too expensive.

Post 3

@ Highlighter- I actually have one of those shielded cardholders in white leather. It has a built-in money clip made of metal, and four slots. The slots hold two SIM cards, and two SD memory cards. It is the ultimate travel wallet, and i can carry it virtually anywhere. It is much more convenient to carry inside of my suit coat than a bulky wallet, and the inside of my coat pocket offers better protection against pickpockets.

Post 2

There is a modern variation on the men’s money clip to accommodate the change in times. With all of the points and incentives to use credit and debit cards, many people no longer carry cash. The response to this is a modern card wallet.

They can be bound in exotic leathers, metals, or composite materials, and often hold three to five cards securely. Some use a small switch to slide the cards out of the holder, allowing the card to either be pulled out and swiped, or touched to the card reader (as in the new RFID chipped cards). Almost all of these card holders have protective shielding to prevent identity theft from RFID scanners, which are popping up internationally and in some of the more densely populated cities.

Post 1

Looks like money clips are coming back into style. I plan on getting one, and I'm sure some old timer can show me the best way to use one.

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