What is a Modern Style House?

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A modern style house takes its design influence from art and architecture trends of the 20th century. Sleek and streamlined, modern houses feature functional materials and design that focuses on strong geometric shapes. The overall look of a modern style house is spare and never cluttered.

The origins of the modern style house are widely debated, though many agree that certain architectural ideals, like those from the Bauhaus school in Germany, had a major part in the creation of the style. The increasing amount of massive warehouses and industrial structures rising as a result of the Industrial Revolution are also frequently named as a major influence on modernism. The modern style house is often made of industrial materials, such as as glass, steel, concrete, aluminum, and plastic, though polished wood may be used as an accent.

The exterior of a modern style house is frequently a well-defined geometric shape. Cubes, rectangles, and even daringly angled structures are often seen in this type of design. Rather than separate from the walls as in many other design styles, the roof of a modern style house is typically flat and part of the overall geometric design. Windows may be small squares or rectangles, or the walls may be made entirely of glass.


Levels are often a major part of the modern house style. Houses are sometimes terraced to allow for the efficient incorporation of outdoor space. Inside, rooms may feature platforms or be sunken or raised to allow for more depth and a truly three-dimensional living space.

The colors used in a modern style house are often generally muted with accents of color. White, gray, black, and ice blue are all commonly used as base colors. Using a muted background allows the designer to draw the viewer's eye to accents, such as a fire-engine red couch in an otherwise white room. Entire rooms can become modern art pieces with the application of modern design principles.

Lighting can also be an important part of any modern style house. Though some make use of industrial style lamps and light strands, modern design also makes considerable use of inset lighting panels, sometimes in unusual colors like blue or pink. The use of large walls of windows also makes a modern style house recognizable from a distance; in contrast to the stark, angled lines of the main structure, large single pane windows make the whole house glow.


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@heavanet- I think that basic, nicely-tailored curtains look best in a kitchen in a modern style house. Lacey, frilly curtains with floral or fruity designs would look out of place in my opinion. Instead, you should choose bold, solid colors in a straight, simple curtain style that doesn't overpower the other contemporary decor in the room.

Post 2

@heavanet- I love the looks of stainless steel appliances in a modern home design. They give a kitchen a crisp, contemporary feel without being complicated. They also look great with modern colors, like gray-blue walls and white door and window trim.

Though stainless steel appliances can be more costly than other types, you can find good deals on them. If you shop during a time when sales are going on, you could save hundreds of dollars on your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other appliance you need for your modern home.

Post 1

I'm planning to update my kitchen this year, and would like to give it a contemporary feel. I also need to stick to a budget. What is a good way to design a modern style house kitchen without spending too much money.

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