What Is a Mobile Advertising Platform?

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A mobile advertising platform is a company which provides services that allow marketers to send ads to consumers via mobile computer devices. Such devices can include cell phones, pagers, and newer mobile notebooks and notepads that have wireless internet capability. Each distinct mobile advertising platform contains opportunities for marketers to deliver their message to a broad array of consumers. These platforms must be able to service the marketer's specific needs and budget while delivering customer service and a wide breadth of marketing options.

One of the keys in advertising is making sure that the desired message actually gets noticed by the customer base of the company in question. This can be difficult in the modern age with so many different companies vying for consumer attention. In addition, the sheer scope of advertising avenues from which a company can choose can be overwhelming. An area of the advertising world that has really gained a lot of momentum is mobile advertising. As a result, many software companies have developed their own specific mobile advertising platform to try and lure businesses into this arena.


When a company chooses a mobile advertising platform, it makes the choice largely based on the types of services that the platform offers. The company that offers the platform and the company placing the advertisements generally come to sort of revenue-sharing agreement based on where the ads are placed and how many people will see them. Some of the best platforms offer the ability for marketers to place ads on certain mobile devices that have rich graphics and possibly even interactive capabilities.

One thing that makes it so important for marketers to choose the proper mobile advertising platform is the boom in usage of cell phones. Many cell phones are now labeled smartphones for the internet applications they are able to deliver, making them perform like small, mobile computers. As a result, many people take these phones with them everywhere they go, meaning that advertisers need to have space on those phones to reach their desired customer base.

An effective mobile advertising platform will have access to as many of these smartphones as possible. In addition, it will be able to cater advertisements to each device's technical capabilities. Marketers must also have a good customer service support system available on their platform, since it may be necessary to change an advertising campaign on the fly or remove certain messages that aren't working. The best platforms combine this kind of service with impressive advertising scope and capability.


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