What is a Mini Vacuum Cleaner?

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A mini vacuum cleaner operates in the same manner as its full-sized cousin, but it is much easier to use in confined places. Often, when cleaning an automobile, a mini vacuum cleaner is just the right tool to reach under the seats. The compact size of the mini vacuum cleaner allows it to be used with ease instead of trying to maneuver a full-sized vacuum in the tight confines of a car's interior. The mini vacuum cleaner is not just for automobiles—it is usable for cleaning stairways, closets, under beds and furniture in the home.

The portable and easy to carry aspect of the mini vacuum cleaner offers relief to the house-cleaning chore. By performing the work of a full-size vacuum without the strain of dragging a heavyweight machine up and down stairs or in and out of tight spaces, daily cleaning time is drastically reduced. The modern mini vacuum cleaner has nearly the same suction power of a full-size cleaner, yet it is much easier to use. For small spills and tiny clean-up tasks, the mini vacuum cleaner is much easier and quicker to use than a larger model.

Some mini vacuum cleaners come with motorized brushes to grind out tougher stains. Some even have rubber nozzles for better access to spots in all areas of the place in which the individual is cleaning. Accessories may include long and short tools for getting into tight crevices, a detachable hose for harder-to-reach places and a carry bag.


Another feature of the small vacuums is that they can be easily packed into luggage when traveling. From hotels to camp grounds, the mini vacuum cleaner is at the ready to make clean-ups faster. Some individuals even store one in the trunk of their vehicle or rental car. Also, potato chips and other snacks spilled onto the hotel floor can be cleaned up before they can find their way onto a dress or nice suit.

Some mini vacuum cleaners come in models that plug into a wall outlet, and others are available as cordless and rechargeable battery-operated versions. Some models even incorporate a small beater bar and brush system to function more like a full-size machine. This type of vacuum allows for rapid pick up of most spills and dirt on a wide variety of surfaces from automobile carpeting to wood and vinyl flooring.


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Post 3

@Drentel - I understand that the vacuum cleaners with the attachments can do much of what the mini vacuum cleaner can do, but you are missing the best aspect of the mini vacuum. With the mini vacuum, you don't have to lug out all that equipment. You simply remove the vac from its charger, do what you need to do and then replace it. How simple is that?

Post 2

I'm sure the mini vacuum cleaners work well, and they sound like they would come in handy, but you might also want to consider buying one of the bigger vacuum cleaners that comes with several attachments. The attachments let you get into the tight places beneath beds and other furniture and in corners.

Some of the better vacuums have attachments for cleaning drapes and curtains, too. Depending on what your needs are this may be a better option than buying two vacuum cleaners, a regular one and a mini one.

Post 1

I agree with the article when it talks about the convenience of the mini vacuum cleaners. I would love to have one just for my car. I have spent a small fortune in quarters on that vacuum and hose at the car wash, and the vacuum doesn't even reach all the way beneath my front seats.

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