What is a Mini Shovel?

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Mini shovels are the little answer to every big shoveling need. A mini shovel offers the strength of a standard metal, steel or aluminum shovel at a fraction of the size. In comparison to plastic mini shovels, metal mini shovels are usually the same size and weight, but much more durable. These shovels can ease the workloads of gardeners, campers and residents of snow-covered areas by simply providing them with an accessible shoveling solution.

Gardeners tend to appreciate mini shovels because they offer another way to work with their plants. Since the shovels can be kept close to plants and are smaller than the average shovel, the transport and rooting of plants is made easier. Mini shovels are perfect for those quick daily touch-ups that gardeners often have to engage in to keep their plants healthy and grounded.

Those who live in areas where snow falls may consider adding a mini shovel to their tool shed for a number of reasons. Residents of a snow-prone area may find that a mini shovel is a necessity, as many awake to cars and driveways that have been covered with snow overnight. The mini shovel can also be easily carried in the back of a car or in its trunk, making the removal of snow a possibility wherever drivers may go. Rescue workers may also find mini shovels useful, since they are capable of being hauled and used during emergencies such as avalanches.


Back country packers and campers could also find a mini shovel handy. They are small enough to fit in the limited space that a pack affords. Mini shovels are designed to fit into packs with special shovel compartments or pockets, freeing up even more space in the pack for essentials. Campers may find a mini shovel an indispensable part of their camping kits if tents need to be grounded and kept separate from certain terrains.

The shovels may come with extra features. It's not uncommon to find a telescoping handle on a mini shovel that provides extra leverage and reach. A T-grip or D-grip handle can help a shoveler better navigate his motions through snow or other hard terrain. Shafts can be detachable or of the folding sort, which can create extra space when traveling or transporting the shovel. Some mini shovels may also be capable of being extended, adding length to the shovel or being collapsed, thereby making a little shovel even smaller.


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