What is a Mini Exercise Bike?

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A mini exercise bike is a type of stationary bicycle designed to be extremely portable and easy to store. Compared to a traditional stationary bicycle, a mini exercise bike has both advantages and disadvantages. Its small size means it can be used in many locations, while its hands-free operation can allow its user to continue other tasks while exercising. Due to its basic nature, however, it may not provide the same workout versatility offered by a more sophisticated bike.

Basic mini exercise bikes consist of two foot pedals mounted on a base made from hollow metal tubing. Often, the pedals feature straps to keep the user’s feet in place. In more advanced models, the mechanisms may be enclosed in a central plastic casing, with the pedals emerging from either side. Most mini bikes feature a knob that can be turned to adjust resistance, allowing the user to increase or decrease the intensity of her workout. Some also include a digital console that displays data such as workout distance and time.

Working out with a mini exercise bike is simple. The user simply places it on the floor at a comfortable distance from a chair in which she then sits. Next she places her feet on the pedals and begins to cycle. She may adjust the bike’s tension throughout her workout to vary its intensity. If she would prefer to exercise her arms, she can set the bike on a tabletop and work the pedals with her hands.


As the mini exercise bike is quite small and usually engages only the feet, the user can often perform other tasks while using it. For instance, she might put her bike beneath her desk so that she can continue attending to paperwork while she cycles. In addition, most mini bikes make little or no noise, allowing users to watch television or talk on the telephone uninterrupted.

While the compactness and simplicity of a mini exercise bike provide convenience and affordability, they may also limit the machine’s potential benefits. Many traditional stationary bikes offer features like adjustable incline and preprogrammed cycling circuits. Without these options, the mini bike user may find that the machine is not challenging enough, or she may simply grow bored with it. Thus, the mini exercise bike is perhaps best suited to the elderly, those with very low fitness levels, or those who wish to supplement their regular workout.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- I think your expectations from the bike were too high. A mini exercise bike is probably not best for people who exercise regularly and are looking for a demanding workout. The mini exercise bike does not offer as much resistance as gym workout bikes or regular biking. But for most people who lead a sedentary life style, the mini bike offers enough of a workout to be beneficial.

I use my mini exercise bike every day, while I was TV, read, knit or whatever it is I'm doing. It's not my sole exercise ( I also take a walk everyday), but it helps me burn some extra calories and workout my legs more. I also love that it's small, easy to carry and store.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- I have a mini exercise bike but I don't use it much. I found this exerciser disappointing because it's not like riding a real bike. I don't get much of a workout with it.

Post 1

This sounds like something that might work well for me. I don't have time to exercise often because I work long hours and I have a desk job. I try to squeeze in a work out at lunch time because I'm usually so tired by the time I return home, that I can't even think of exercise.

I bet I could place a mini exercise bike under my desk and exercise while I work or during breaks.

Does anyone her use a mini exercise bike? Do you recommend it?

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