What is a Microfiber Towel?

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Microfiber towels are towels that are made with a special blend of fibers, usually polyester teamed with polyamide or some other type of nylon fiber. Unlike microfiber items that are intended to repel moisture, the processing of the polyester and nylon blend used for towel material actually makes the microfiber highly absorbent. When coupled with the fact that the material is long-wearing, this makes bath and hand towels made with microfiber an excellent choice.

In order to create microfiber towel material, it is necessary to alter the structure of the individual fibers. This involves severing or splitting the ends of each fiber in the weave. When the fibers are not split, the material remains water-repellant and will not work well for drying off after a shower. However, when the splitting action takes place, the fibers become highly absorbent. As a result, the microfiber towel is able to absorb water and other liquids with the same ease as any cotton terry towel.


Along with the ability to absorb water quickly and easily, the microfiber towel is also incredibly soft to the touch. The reason for this quality is the denier of the material itself. Denier is a textile measurement used to define the fineness of a fiber; essentially, the lower the denier, the finer the fiber. The individual fibers of microfiber are many times finer than even a human hair and thus have an extremely low denier. When woven, the low denier microfiber has an unusually smooth texture that is even smoother than refined silk.

What makes the microfiber towel especially attractive is its durability. While extremely soft and absorbent, microfiber material wears at a much slower pace than cotton or other natural fibers. This means that a microfiber towel is likely to last twice as long as a well made cotton towel, and possibly even longer. The towels retain a new and fresh appearance longer and thus do not have to be replaced as often.

As with other types of towels, the microfiber towel comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is possible to secure bath towels that are a pristine white or are dyed deep and rich hues to complement any kind of bathroom d├ęcor. As with many types of linens, the microfiber towel can also be woven into a pattern or design, making it possible to duplicate the patterns and designs commonly used with other types of towels.

While there are microfiber towels, bath sheets, and washcloths that are very inexpensive, the cheaper brands are rarely the best buy. In order to cut corners, some manufacturers use microfiber blends where the fibers have not been split. This means the absorbency of the towels will be inferior. It is better to spend a little more for towels that are created using the split fibers and obtain products that will function efficiently as well as look great for many years.


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