What is a Mental Vacation?

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A mental vacation is a relaxation technique. Some people think of it as a sort of self-hypnosis while others consider it more of a motivational daydreaming exercise. There are different ways of taking a mental vacation, but all should be relaxing and focus only on positive thoughts.

One way to take a mental vacation is to close your eyes and imagine that you are in your ideal vacation paradise. It can be anywhere as long as the idea of it gives you a sense of peace. For many people, this would be on a tropical beach relaxing without a care in the world. Use your imagination and think about what would bring you a sense of calm and peace as you imagine your ideal vacation surroundings.

Another way to take a mental vacation is to physically go somewhere locally that resembles your ideal vacation spot in some way. For example, if you daydream of going to Paris and the square with the water fountain around it outside your office building somehow makes you think of what Paris would be like, go there. As you hear the water and the sounds around you, imagine that you’re actually in Paris and think about how you would completely relax by shopping, eating fine foods or whatever you want. Think of the pleasant sights and sounds you would experience. Spending just a few minutes immersed in your mental vacation can make you feel more relaxed and energized to return to work.


The desired result of a mental vacation is the same as an actual vacation — to make you feel less stressed as you take a break from work. It's possible to spend literally a minute taking a mental vacation and feeling much more relaxed and calmer afterward. Deep breathing techniques and thinking of positive thoughts can work wonders as you imagine your stress-free dream vacation. Increase your self-awareness by noticing how your body reacts to what you're doing such as how your lungs feel when you take deep relaxing breaths. As you take your mental vacation, tell yourself that you can snap out of it to respond to any emergency, but at the same tome you will be in a very peaceful and relaxed state of mind.


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Taking a mental vacation is like taking a mini health vacation, because it helps you to relieve stress. I go to a special place in my mind when I'm at work on break, especially on days when it's very hectic and stressful. It helps me unwind and face the rest of the day.

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